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in da club w/leila!

on friday my new roommate leila and I went to a place called the sky lounge on congress, and the last (and first) time I went clubbing was in France two summers ago, so my nerves were understandable. what a fun--or perhaps in some matters boring night we had. the volume was so high we could hear the music vibrating in our throats, upstairs played rap top 40, downstairs rap remixes and michael jackson's "thriller" thrown into the otherwise not-so-various mix. most people left the dance floor when that song came on, but honestly it was one of the few tunes i liked. nights like that make me impatient for my wedding after party--i'll be the dj that evening, i will rock you. the music didn't strike me as the most interesting part of the outing though, it was the people who made me laugh. people watching is all we did anyway, but as time passed the watching became increasingly amusing, i suppose that was the alcohol kicking in. i didn't drink of course (i still have those putrid marksalot Xs on my hands) but a few did. too many flics* around to risk it. so i figure there are several types of clubbers, you can probably find more:

the stander - this is the guy in the dance floor who may only bob his head; he can't dance so he's not even going to try. oddly enough he is one of the most noticeable dancers as he isn't dancing at all.

the black wannabe - he's the cracker who almost digs the groove more than his black brothas, who stand impressed.

the lovebugs - these two are the couple dancing thisclose, too distracted to care much about public decency. these people will slow dance to tupac--why not?

the fish - these guys take it easy and aren't afraid to lounge in a lounge. they take in the booze and the atmosphere, getting their money's worth.

the gigglers - much like their title, these ladies are always communicating with each other and finding something to laugh about. they are often found prodding their male counterparts to get up and "shake that ass."

the skirt hiker upper - this chick picked the wrong outfit. she can dance, just not tonight.

the regulars - people who know the bartenders too well, and who greet each other by dancing.

the bathroom goers - aka girls who look perfect already - these females run to the bathroom to fix their makeup every thirty minutes thinking they're ugly. the skirt hiker upper is among them.

the songstresses - women who are too cool to lipsync. they were probably in your top high school choir.

the bouncers - guys who take up more space than what's really necessary, they make their rounds ensuring nobody's throwing punches. these people are not to be reckoned with.

and finally, the flics - other than the bouncers, the flics are the most stern of them all. don't they wish they were off tonight.

so what am i? the fish, minus the alcohol.

*'flic' means 'cop' in french, i just learned that

2:29 p.m. - 2006-01-22


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