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tres TRES heureuse, david


oy is right.

remember that guy david? the blonde kid with the mustache? yeah. i talked to him for three hours last night, we hung out from 2am-5am. sweet!

my mystery neighbor, i can say i know him now. it was 1:40 am this morning and i...didn't feel like sleeping at all, it being the morning and all. so i just went outside my room and started drinking some water, and i guess i was hoping i might get invited to go chat loftily or see a movie (oddly enough we seem to have intelligent conversations but ingrate movies here on the tenth floor) when he walked past, and told me to wait a moment. he soon returned, armed with his own container of water, and we began to talk. our conversation covered several subjects, among the more popular were meditation, dinosaurs, metallica, hanson, parents, punishments, high school, relationships (a little), the story where i prayed for dad and i and the cop without knowing it, playwriting (but not much) and polyphasic sleep. so then at 5 am he had to go sleep for 30 (or 20?) minutes and after he would be back up again. i slept at five, and woke up this morning at about eleven. i found it incredibly difficult to sleep when i laid my head down last night, and equally tough to return to sleeping when i awoke this morning at the sound of leila getting around. i'm too busy thinking!

i can't help but wonder what i might be doing now if i hadn't seen him in the hall yesterday. hopefully a guy won't make my life less productive. :(

i am now listening to leila and zinnia speaking a very fluent, beautiful spanish.
i just added him to my facebook friends.

david, you rock.

okay, but what else? :
-he gave me an apple and we moved to the laundry room (it has a beautiful view)
-he told me he asked out JJ, a girl who just moved in to the room two down from mine, and i didn't ask anything about it. i get the feeling she didn't say yes, or they dated and it's over now. yikes! it's possible i could start dating this dude (knock on wood) and some other girl he asked out lives practically right next to me. only i, right? nah, other people too.

God rest ye merry gentleman.

and i took this quote out of my facebook because it makes me sound like i'm only interested in looks:

"You've got to be uber hot to be hott. That last "t" makes all the difference in the world." -me

it was a bit strange hearing him tell me all about his polyphasic sleep thing when i already know about it from his facebook profile. i don't think he has caught on.

1:16 p.m. - 2006-02-18


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