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so here i am updating, because i think next time i'll be able to won't be until tommorow.

we worked on the french play from 10 am today to about 6:45 pm, with one hour for lunch at moe's, but fortunately i don't need to wake up tommorow until 11 am, as we're starting at a beautiful noon. i think my favorite part was constructing our curtain--it's homemade with random black pieces of fabric, all pieced together with a large number of safety pins.

i would link the official URL of the play website here, but i'm paranoid the sitemaster might see who has linked to the site and see my diary that way. yikes. all i can say is that it's a french play done by ut, and if you know that info, you can probably figure it out. :)

anyways, i'm exhausted, and i haven't worked out yet today. i'm getting into a good habit with leila. who knew living with a nutrition major would be so fun? and if i accidentally wake her up in the morning, she never remembers! it's great, absolutely fantastic.

absolutely fabulous!, erica, and david are potential playgoers. we'll see if any of them come. if not, no biggie--but if david came i would feel...yeah. special!

i think i'll see him tonight (what am i saying? i already have) at movie night in robson's room. i hope i sit next to him, wherever that will be.

how did i find out about this event, you ask? oh, that's easy. i was walking down the hall and noticed some people being silly in the study room (the silly people included david) and said 'hi' briefly.

i'm learning to gain confidence. i shouldn't think i'm so very behind with this guy, or that he really doesn't like me at all as more than a friend. i think i need to make a move now, before he loses interest, but what? and how?

why? because yesterday on my way to a play rehearsal we were talking and he asked me to keep him posted on when the performances were, and that he'd like to go see it. wow! so yeah...and i still have his page of notes from when he taught me better note-taking skills.

aaaaand, his roommate hank said hi to me in the hall the other day. i recognized him, but only from facebook. i thought to myself, 'is that hank'? and yes, yes it was. so...maybe he has talked to his roommate about me. MAYBE. goodness knows i've talked to MY roommate about him.

i can't wait until tonight! i'm sure he'll be there, at least for part of the time. i need to work out and shower first, two things i'm not really in the mood to just jump up and go do.

later gator.

oh yeah, and i saw "diary of a mad black woman" again last night with leila, because she had never seen it.

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