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rob's son. robson.

so...i went out on a date last night with robson. yes, this is the same robson that dated jenn, the really sweet girl who rooms with ashley and who always dresses so uniquely. i had NO IDEA robson liked me. actually, i'm still not sure i suppose. but then last night we and a bunch of other kids went to watch hitch in his (and ramon's) room, and honestly i was only there for david (like last week, when we saw men in black, this floor is a sucker for will smith and chuck norris for whatever reason), who came and left the room three times the whole night. i guess the early bird gets the worm, because david never officially asked me out, or was nearly as forward as robson.

and robson is...less eclectic than david, but what a gentleman! he is one of the most considerate, thoughtful guys i have ever met. and he's so calm--i am a complete mess on first dates, but for him everything seemed so natural. and sure, there were awkward pauses, but i have come to expect them. what's awkward about something that occurs all the time? hell, LIFE is awkward! christy s.'s parents went to a roller skating rink for their first date, and her mother's skates malfunctioned...and now they're this great, all-american family, but also too unique for words. as a matter of fact, calling the stabiles 'all-american' is difficult, they're lovely, lovely people.

we went to jcl, so it was very low key and laid back, which i'm glad of. wouldn't it have been funny if i ran into barbara? she's my cousin, but not near my age--she has her own kids and even a grandkid i think. i don't know our family tree too well...but yeah, she goes to ut and is a very cool, modern sort of older person. she thinks.

he walked me to rehearsal after dinner, and we talked about lots of random stuff. he walked me to rehearsal. he walked me to rehearsal.

my gosh this boy was raised well! he never got into a fistfight with his brother, either, who is sixteen now.

he also likes cooking and shopping! wow.

he asked me to go for italian and clubbing next weekend, and i guess that means going alone with a boy to a club, which i must admit i'm rather nervous about. i'm nervous about going to a club with friends, let alone a date. yeesh. i trust the guy though, he's not the type to go date rape me. leila (roommate) told me that last week she heard jaime and some other guy (was it ramon) saying how robson deserved someone better than jenn. i vaguely remember jenn saying at some point "people around here just want to get a piece of ass!", so i don't know if that was before or after the two of them broke up. the thing is though that robson is the exact opposite of an only-after-one-thing kind of guy. i don't know if his eyes have EVER strayed.

maybe he's bi? jenn is, so who knows? not that it would matter, but i never really thought about it. his facebook profile says he's interested in women, but so does adam david's, and he's bi.

and robson is more attentive than david, i think. he cares about what i have to say a bit more. the conversation is slightly more balanced. he also says he was once a quiet kid. i wonder why i make the impression i do. am i really so quiet? or innocent? no. i don't know what would happen if my walls were torn down, i'm scared of what people would find.

he also went to some private school, so like david he has been among rich snobs. he (also like david) is not one of those said snobs.

also, robson speaks PORTUGESE, not spanish, because he's brazilian and in brazil they speak portugese. *mental note*

"they published your diary, and that's how i got to know you."

4:12 pm - Monday, Feb. 27, 2006


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