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licking my lips

today i:

went to rehearsal from 6:45pm to about eleven. yeeesh. magan got out of it because she had class, the lucky duck. we are getting quicker at tearing down and putting up the set--a mere 45 minutes now! i think the play will be a success. unfortunately neither of my parents will be there, boo. BUT, robson has been recruiting people to come see it on thursday night, so we might have quite a turnout from the tenth floor! i'm happy at least one or two people may come. robson is such a sweet guy! he's more than only surface. there's more to him i think than other guys i have dated. granted, i've only dated two guys other than him (his number is 6 or 7). his room is always so dry, i find myself licking my lips constantly while i'm there. i realize this is supposedly a way of indicating that one wants to be kissed, and i'm wondering if he has picked up on it. but that room of his! it's honestly quite the desert, no joke.

i try to hide it when i lick my lips though, i don't want to be too obvious...

- Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2006


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