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bus shenanigans, hair horrendousness

quick entry today--

i got a haircut today. more on that horrible happening later.

i was supposed to take the bus back to houston today, only it broke down. the driver told everyone to be back at the station at 6:30pm. we arrived then and discovered that the bus decided to leave without us at only 4:30pm, just 30 minutes after mom and i left to go eat a meal.

the only other girl who was left behind was a friend of mine from high school luckily enough, her name is spoorthy. her dad was kind enough to take me back to school that night, and we made it in TWO HOURS. the man had a meeting the next day, poor bloke. so yeah...we're definitely getting a refund, and another ticket home too, i believe.

- Sunday, Mar. 19, 2006


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