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i think it's when i hang out with other people that i discover how unhappy i am. when i'm alone the loneliness doesn't hit me quite as hard, and i don't feel as awkward or un self-assured. maybe that's all there is to me--maybe ...

i kissed robson on the cheek before we parted last night in the study room. i usually don't initiate smooches but i felt like i should last night, to make sure he understands that i'm still into him. earlier that night everyone had gone to burger king on the drag and i felt a bit strange, uncomfortable, etc. i didn't sit next to him. my BOYFRIEND, i didn't sit next to him. i think he noticed and felt bothered. anyways i didn't mean to be such a freak, i was just nervous, and for no reason. on the way back i was cold and he lent me his jacket, which is a really hip-looking jacket, by the way, brown leather. he looks great in it...that boy has great taste in style, he's always wearing interesting clothes. he probably dresses better than i do!

the BK group was:
-paul (who had his head stuck in a gameboy)
-hank (who is 19 now, we celebrated his birthday before spring break by knocking on his door and feeding him cake)

and here's a pic of my beautiful roommate leila, she doesn't know i have it--she borrowed my computer (without asking, i do believe, but oh well) and left this image in my Recycle Bin:

1:30 pm - Saturday, Mar. 25, 2006


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