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tonight i hitchhiked for the first time in my life...or not so much hitchhiked, but was stuck at the wal-mart on ben white and hopped on board with a girl and her date. okay, so that's hitchhiking.

i tried to find a bus back to school by calling the metro help line, but the line's hours ended at 5pm or so, and it was already around 10pm so the 14 (a bus that stops right in front of wal-mart) wasn't running anymore. i wanted to take the 1L back, but it takes .6 miles to walk to the 1L stop, and that distance is a long, dark, frightening path when the sun is not out. i knew this because i walked that path to get to the store initially, and i was scared out of my wits as i passed a u-haul rental truck lot and avoided a man who walked there with a plastic bag at hand. it's impossible to say what he was doing there, whether he was about to steal a truck, or just looking for somewhere to sleep that night. heck, he could have been the owner of the lot, i don't know.

i tried every last option other than begging for a ride, and i didn't want to walk that route if it was the last thing i did, as going that way meant wondering if it would be the last thing i did.

(okay, so that was a little dramatic...i'm entitled!)

i walked out the front doors and looked around for any young people that i thought might be college students. i approached a girl and asked her if she was going to ut, or if she was headed that way. she said no, but that she was waiting for her ride; she was about to go out on a date with her boyfriend. i immediately backed down, as i am not going to butt in on anything she had planned, but she insisted on asking him if he would help me out once he arrived. he was late for their meeting anyway, and she was none too pleased. "he's running on my time now, he had better be here," she kept saying. she quickly admitted that no, he wasn't her boyfriend, but some guy she had just met yesterday and exchanged numbers with at a gas station. she had returned home that night, discovered her real boyfriend not at home, and decided that she wouldn't come home tonight, either, so called this dude. i'm hoping my listening to her explanation did her some good, she termed her actions "cheating." i suppose everyone has their own definitions. then again, she was living with her boyfriend.

so i figure hey, this guy will be trying to make a good impression on her, and perhaps he'll feel like playing the chivalrous knight and take me home. i wasn't getting my hopes up too much though. he pulled up in a car (i can't remember what make or model, i don't pay attention to that stuff) and had to go around to the other side because there was a baby seat where i meant to sit. she had told me before he had a kid, that that was his only downfall in her eyes. i immediately recognized a few more as i switched sides. his music blared so loudly that i couldn't hear myself think, much less speak with them or say thank you. i reached out to shake his hand, but he didn't take it! and i don't know if he noticed or not, but his seat was pushed back so far that i had to get into fetal position to sit down, i'm not exaggerating. i'm not complaining though, i'm just happy i got a ride. i gave them my wint-o-green lifesavers as compensation, i hope she had a good time.

i seriously need to always have my cellphone charged. not that i know anyone i could have called, but hey, it's at least a comfort.

- Thursday, Apr. 13, 2006


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