backyard crowing


the blaine is back in town

[jane] hey blaine
(2:25) [blaine] hi there
(2:25) [blaine] how are you jane
[jane] doing good, back in houston for the summer
[jane] and you?
(2:25) [blaine] that's cool
(2:25) [blaine] are you having fun
(2:26) [blaine] i'm good
(2:26) [blaine] just really tired
[jane] working?
[jane] i'm still job hunting
(2:26) [blaine] i wanted to download a CCR song i had in my head before i went to sleep
(2:26) [blaine] yeah i have the same old job i always had
[jane] creedence clearwater revival?
(2:26) [blaine] since i live in the same town as i go to school in
[jane] coool
(2:26) [blaine] yep
[jane] i like them
[jane] what song was it?
[jane] i remember chatting with you, and you saying something about your boss
[jane] "ride 'em, cowboy" or something to that effect
(2:27) [blaine] green river
[jane] nope, i don't have that one
[jane] i can't wait for school to start again
[jane] i'm trying to transfer to j-school
[jane] did i tell you that?
[jane] probably
(2:29) [blaine] no you didn't!
(2:29) [blaine] i don't even know what j-school is
[jane] ha, journalism
[jane] i read j-school somewhere
[jane] so i've never heard anyone say it
[jane] but yeah
[jane] that's the goal
(2:30) [blaine] oh cool
(2:30) [blaine] that's really exciting
[jane] thanks, i think so too
(2:31) [blaine] is it still in texas
[jane] then i can go move to ny
[jane] yup
[jane] which reminds me,
[jane] what are some good journalism schools that you've heard of?
[jane] if i don't make the grades this semester, i'm going to have to transfer
[jane] to some other school, so i can get a degree in journalism
(2:32) [blaine] oh, i don't really know
[jane] okay cool
(2:32) [blaine] couldn't tell you much about schools in the USA to be honest
[jane] cool cool
[jane] me neither
[jane] actually
[jane] i turned 20!
[jane] that's new
(2:34) [blaine] haha awesome
(2:34) [blaine] did you have a fun birthday
[jane] well, i was jobsearching, but i had a fun weekend in wimberley a few days later
[jane] and i got a record player!
(2:34) [blaine] oh awesome!
(2:34) [blaine] those are really fun
(2:35) [blaine] collecting records is cheap and easy
[jane] wimberley is a small town in tx, i had never been there
[jane] yes! exactly!
[jane] in wimberley they had a sale: 1 record = 1 dollar
(2:35) [blaine] wow
(2:35) [blaine] not too bad
[jane] and 2 bucks for double albums
[jane] yeah, so i have a collection now! woohoo
(2:36) [blaine] as much as an itunes song for a whole album
[jane] hey hey hey....i never thought about it that way!
[jane] anything particular going on in canada?
[jane] it must be really nice over there
(2:38) [blaine] it is right now
(2:38) [blaine] summer is here
(2:39) [blaine] it's a little humid lately though
(2:39) [blaine] some thunderstorms and stuff
(2:39) [blaine] so between those the weather is real sticky
[jane] oh, my friends (they're twins) are going to canada for a week. they leave in a couple of weeks
[jane] sticky? in canada? i never would have thought it
(2:39) [blaine] where are they going
[jane] then again, our ideas of what is and is not humid could be different
[jane] calgary, and then somewhere else i forgot
(2:40) [blaine] oh cool
[jane] they said not quebec
(2:40) [blaine] that's around where my grandma lives
(2:40) [blaine] way out west
[jane] what is it like in calgary?
[jane] it's cal gary and gary cal
[jane] cal and gary are both guys' names
[jane] anyways
[jane] :)
(2:41) [blaine] haha
(2:41) [blaine] it's kind of like the texas of canada
(2:41) [blaine] they do a lot of ranching out there
(2:42) [blaine] and a lot of americans move there because they work for oil companies
[jane] i do a lot of ranching here in houston ;)
(2:42) [blaine] because there are oil sands in alberta
[jane] ok cool
[jane] so it's a fairly small town kind of atmosphere?
(2:43) [blaine] sorta, but the city is fairly big
(2:44) [blaine] just over a million population i believe
* jane hugs blaine
(2:45) * blaine hugs back
(2:45) [blaine] thanks
[jane] :D
[jane] i'm tired
(2:46) [blaine] me too :(
[jane] i think sleep could cure us
[jane] sleep and cuddling
(2:48) [blaine] i think that would work out just fine
[jane] yeah
(2:50) [blaine] ;)
[jane] do you have a love life at the moment?
(2:51) [blaine] not really no
(2:51) [blaine] i'm still in school for two classes
(2:51) [blaine] and working a lot
(2:51) [blaine] so i don't really even have much time
(2:51) [blaine] what free time i have my friends manage to waste for me
[jane] yeah, that could prevent much of anything
[jane] i'm not dating anyone at the moment
[jane] but i think my mom wants me to just ......hate males? i don't know
[jane] it's weird.
(2:52) [blaine] haha why
[jane] but not entirely unfounded, i guess
[jane] she just doesn't want me to end up marrying and then quitting college
[jane] which i would NOT consider
(2:53) [blaine] haha aw
(2:53) [blaine] she's just looking out for you
[jane] true that :)
[jane] but it's strange turning 20...i mean, within the next decade i will start a career, begin living on my own in an apartment (YES!), and maybe even meet a guy to marry or consider marrying
[jane] if i even decide i want to get married
(2:55) [blaine] totally
(2:55) [blaine] big times ahead!
[jane] yeah!
[jane] do you remember thinking that kind of thing when you turned 20?
(2:56) [blaine] totally
[jane] did your mother start to treat you more like an adult?
[jane] or was it the same as always?
(2:57) [blaine] same for sure
(2:57) [blaine] i just didn't take it as seriously
(2:57) [blaine] and kind of did what i wanted
[jane] take what as seriously? her?
(2:58) [blaine] yeah
(2:58) [blaine] the advice and warnings
[jane] ah, okay
[jane] i guess after 20 years you can probably guage whether or not her worries are unfounded
(3:00) [blaine] yep
(3:00) [blaine] and have heard the same old things plenty of times already
[jane] oh, my mom is in therapy!
[jane] that's good
[jane] for general, everyday stuff
[jane] just whatever is bothering her
[jane] i think it's helping us
[jane] we're a little less on each other's nerves
(3:01) [blaine] that works then
(3:01) [blaine] i've heard that kind of stuff helps
[jane] and now that i know she's making this effort, i make more of an effort too
[jane] yeah, i think it's good
[jane] practical
[jane] who is your favorite actress?
(3:04) [blaine] i don't really know
(3:04) [blaine] i don't think about movies all that much
[jane] that's proably good, staying away from the media
[jane] did you hear about the GNC? (global night commute for the kids in uganda on april 29)
(3:05) [blaine] no i sure didn't
(3:05) [blaine] what was it all about
[jane] it was a worldwide event on april 29 of this year where people from cities all over the world (but mostly in the us) walked to someplace in the city to spend the night under the stars
(3:06) [blaine] that sounds really nice
[jane] and write letters to bush and state senators
[jane] to try and get the us to do something to end the war between northern and southern uganda
[jane] in austin, we walked from the UT tower to the capitol bldg. and spent the night there
(3:08) [blaine] was it nice out that night
[jane] if you've heard of the invisible children, that's what i'm talking about
[jane] yeah, it was nice
[jane] in chicago there were girls who went in their prom dresses (it was their prom night) and it rained the whole time
[jane] but they stood it out!
[jane] for the ugandan kids
[jane] nice people
(3:09) [blaine] that is pretty damn nice
[jane] yeah, a bunch of the austin people left because last minute we found out that the capitol bldg. didnt allow 2 things:
[jane] 1. sleeping on the lawn (we had to stay awake, ha)
[jane] 2. sleeping bags
[jane] (i have no idea why)
[jane] if you're interested
[jane] invisible children is the name of the documentary that started the gnc
(3:12) [blaine] haha all this talk about sleeping
[jane] yeah, staying up wasn't a problem for me
[jane] oi
* jane yawns
(3:12) * blaine yawns as well
(3:12) [blaine] let's go to bed jane
[jane] ok
[jane] sounds good
[jane] goodnight :)
[jane] mwah
* jane kisses blaine goodnight
(3:14) [blaine] night night jane!
(3:14) * blaine blushes ;)
[jane] ^-^

- Monday, Jun. 05, 2006


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