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I have tommorow off! YAY. i know i've only been working for two days (and they're six hour days), but i'm exhausted. fortunately it looks like my schedule will consist of a day off every three days, and then another day off after two. in other words, i'll probably have tuesdays and fridays off. that seems nice to me, as i can only handle so much of that place.

i am the only white girl there, and the only one who speaks no spanish. most of the people are women--adriana, patti, and the assistant manager, maria. the general manager is sabino, and his wife is maria. the only other employee there is named... what is his name, anyway? he also speaks spanish, but he looks like he's the youngest of the group, other than me. he could be 17 or 25, i cannot tell. this is not to say that i'm looking. we do far too much busywork for that, and i've already learned my company dating lesson.

julio! that's his name, julio. romiette and julio. er, ignore me.

even in the past two days, i have felt occasionally on the edge of hyperventilation. my back tenses, i begin to breathe hard even if i'm not doing anything particularly physically difficult, my heart beats faster. it's not a rewarding experience, knowing you're inches away from flailing about in front of your new co-workers and a line of people who you've never seen before. working at this shop is surreal; it's like band. you think it can't happen, that life cannot go on in such a manner, but voila! right before your very eyes, you witness this obscene expectation of greatness. aie.

as i said before, i'm glad i have tommorow off.

- Thursday, June 29, 2006


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