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i watched the movie "Flirting" on channel 20 today. I wasn't expecting anything great from it, especially on a Saturday afternoon on upn, but what a great film! i want to buy this dvd now...but i've seen the dvd on the shelves, and i might have even picked it up at one point, to consider rental. i remember looking at the cover and not liking it, and now that i've seen the movie, i really don't like it. the cover features nicole kidman prominently when she is only a supporting actress, and our leading man--noah taylor--is not even pictured! good grief, we get the opportunity to HEAR noah's character's thoughts; the audience never knows nicole kidman nearly as well as noah. *sighandyawn*

"What is the title of your play?"


"Is it?"


-Shakespeare In Love

i suppose the advertising people want to capitalize on nicole's fame--ride on her coattails, so to speak. And perhaps it is better that people pick up and rent the DVD because she is in it than never see the film at all. Like I've said, it's great.


"I would perform the seduction of the century."
- Flirting (Noah's thoughts said in his Austrailian accent--seduction and century have quite the ring to them, it's spoken beautifully!)


i liked this movie because i have always enjoyed the thought of boarding school. sure, the teachers are insanely strict, but at least they're not your parents. i've had daydreams about myself in boarding school, both as the children and the elders. i also enjoyed it because i want something incredibly romantic like that to happen to me, and i admire the main characters' love for each other. they truly care, but they're also frightfully awkward about sex; it's adorable. i understand these kids.

- saturday, Jul. 22, 2006


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