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\"touch me, i'm so beautiful in your eyes\" - indigo girls

you know, i think i'm semi in love with him. that and i'm lusting like never before, which is awfully strange considering he's the least physically attractive guy i've ever had anything close to a relationship with. at this point i don't know just how awkward it will be...i don't know if on my way to meet him, i'll have some kind of shocking realization telling me to not go. i want to go see him, and i will, and probably tonight.

the thing is, i'd really just like to go to his house and cuddle with him on his bed, maybe makeout, and then sleep. it's just nice to have someone--some guy, especially--to wake up next to you. not that i've ever known such a guy, or had such an experience, but i've imagined waking up the morning after and how peaceful it must be. and by "the morning after", i don't necessarily mean full-fledged sex. just a nice, slow evening with someone i care about. that's not to say that i'm not interested in sex--i certainly am! i'm just not ready right now.

but everybody makes out in college and high school, unless they're forbidden by their religion to do so...and of course, there are rebels.

could i bring myself to make out with him tonight? would he let me? would he even want to? i mean...i've turned him down twice, he might think i was just messing with him. but i really do want to get physical with someone, and he's my most likely candidate. i so want to feel him touch me.


me: hey you
me: was the history test good
marcus: It was ok
me: did you write that just now or a few mins ago
marcus: Now
me: i may not have seen the note blinking
me: good then
me: how are you
marcus: Good, gimme a sec
marcus: Ugh... Sweet evil jesus.
me: i just read your saint story, it was good. the idea of a talking sword is creative, reminds me of something out of star wars, like a droid. i guess droids aren't really weapons, but they can fight for one side or the other. hey, and if i remember right, luke's droids were a bit of a buzzkill to him, too. the Varies dissappearing just after death reminded me of the humans in that old scifi logan's run. also, the term you used for the army--Higher Authority soldiers--sounds very official, like your term for the pope you asked about the other day. at first i thought the varies were fairly dangerous creatures, until you state otherwise. i wonder if they are more dangerous to common people than to superheroes like saint, who consider them dishrags?
me: BAM! haha
marcus: Wo
marcus: Wow.
me: wow?
marcus: Just when I get used to things flying out of left field, you kick a soccerball at my head
me: haha!
me: random to specific?
marcus: No, random still
me: bam, like i said
me: is your head okay?
marcus: You break my brain, so yes
marcus: I just saw Jackass 2
me: *hands you a rag*
me: and how was that
marcus: oh.
marcus: My.
marcus: God.
me: i see.
marcus: I've never laughed that hard (since I saw the first one)
me: aie!
me: they seem like they enjoy pain
marcus: Well, you see, the idea behind the Varies is that they're bodies that are programmed to follow orders
marcus: They're manufactured beings with no soul, and very fragile composition
me: and the miracle--it's a kind of death star, only the people's souls AND bodies are destroyed?
marcus: Hence the dissapering, they're meant to be as space efficient as possible. If one "dies" or breaks it just vanishes instead of taking up space
marcus: Yes, kind of
me: and is saint an angel?
marcus: Yes
me: what is his connection with cherie?
marcus: The Higher Authority is a millitary organization between Heaven and Hell
marcus: I never got that far really...
me: interesting
me: so the higher authority is heaven's army, or hell's?
me: sorry, didn't mean to pelt you with questions
marcus: Both, there's a branch for either side
me: okay
marcus: Its a joint organization meant to keep the balance
me: the balance...of what, exactly?
marcus: In the RP I did with Saint, I had another character, Chain, who worked for Hell's Branch
me: ratio of good to bad?
marcus: Good and Evil, make sure neither side has an unfair advantage
me: so it's like ying and yang. in this universe, you need a little bad in your good and a little good in your bad
marcus: Or, in the case of the direction I was taking the story, to make sure that somthing else more sinister happens
me: does the miracle belong to hell's branch?
me: or is cherie's husband the one destroying everything?
marcus: Heaven, actually. Its what destroyed Sodam and Gamorrah
me: is sodom and gommorrah somehow related to america gommorrah?
me: or is sodom and gommorrah something from the bible that i just don't remember?
marcus: No, not other than the fact that the Miracle was used
marcus: Remember the whole, "don't look back or you shall become a pillar of Salt?"
me: actually, no
me: what was that about?
marcus: The entire Ghevalt incident is a front for somthing bigger
marcus: Oh.
me: so the first part was supposed to catapult into a greater tragedy, then
marcus: Sodam and Gommorah were two of the biggest sin cesspools of the time, so god evacuated the rightious then destroyed it, telling them not to look back or they'd be turned to a pillar of Salt. Of course some one did
me: okay, i understand now
me: were they cities/countries/villages?
marcus: Cities
marcus: To give you an idea of how bad it was, where do you think the word "sodamy" came from
me: well, interesting story. props
me: just a sec
marcus: K
me: 1. anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex.
2. copulation with a member of the same sex.
me: (def of sodomy)
marcus: Yup
me: i actually didn't know what that meant, though i had heard it before
me: hm
me: sodomy is: Any of various forms of sexual intercourse held to be unnatural or abnormal, especially anal intercourse or bestiality. also: Anal copulation of one male with another. Or Anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex. or Copulation with an animal.
me: it's funny, most of this stuff (except for copulation w/an animal) is not considered very hanus to 'open-minded' people now. i mean, i'm not against homosexuality, or anal copulation, either, even though neither of those are for me
marcus: Well
me: with an animal though.....yuck!
marcus: Baaah
me: well well well
marcus: I'm an animal ;-)
me: hahahaa
me: this is true
me: we're all animals
me: we're a bunch of monkeys
marcus: I'm part horse
marcus: Or whorse I should say
me: weren't you just 'baaaah'ing? i would have thought you a sheep
me: if i didn't know better
marcus: Uhm
marcus: ...
marcus: *cough*
me: lawlz
me: oh, the innuendo
me: we're horrible
me: <-- there's a slam poet, if you go to his site and click, "Dance, Monkeys, Dance" he has an interesting perspective on humans and their monkeylike ways
marcus: I have a monkeylike way for you
me: all of the sound clips are funny, but that one is my favorite
marcus: Giggitygiggitygiggity
me: hahaa
marcus: *squeeze*
me: *grin*
me: did you hear it?
marcus: Nope, can't on my sidekick
me: oh, boo
me: well, it's quite awesome if you have a chance to listen
marcus: *nibble*
me: <.<
me: >.<
me: >.>
me: haha
me: *eyebrow raise*
marcus: *nibble nibble*
me: *gentle bite*
marcus: Mmm...
marcus: *chuckle*
me: *lick*
me: hehe
me: my roommate is a riot
me: she's sleeping on the concrete floor right now
marcus: Why?
me: sometimes she does weird things like that
me: and she can sleep quite easily w/lights on
marcus: Could she sleep if I did this?
marcus: *feels around your body*
me: it's like the night before school starts, i toss and turn because i'm worried about the school year. in the morning i find i've been sleeping in some weeeeeeird position
me: hm.
me: unfortunately no
me: i would be making far too much noise
marcus: Then I guess we have no choice, you must come here
me: hehe
marcus: What kinda noise?
me: what kinda noise?
me: oh, hm.
me: breathy, ecstatic, purring noises.
me: =-O
marcus: I like that thought
me: *purr*
marcus: *squeeze breast lightly*
me: *sigh*
marcus: Hm?
me: i'm thinking i have no idea what normal is, nor do i want to
me: in any sense
marcus: Was that a good sigh or a bas sigh?
me: good, of course
me: a sigh of pleasure
me: ha
marcus: Ah
marcus: Normal in what respect?
marcus: Oh wow, you didn't read the polished version of the Saint story!
me: normal in anything. i look at people and wonder how they do it, how they live their life. what is normal for them, and why should i care?
me: it's my minutes ticking down till death, i ought to do what i want with them
marcus: My friends Steven and Adriana smoke pot. That's normal for them. I don't, that's normal for me.
me: *they're*, not it's
me: is the polished version xanga'd?
me: good example
marcus: One second I'm getting the addy for you
me: ooh
me: (okay that 'ooh' was absurd, but oh well)
marcus: The second entry
me: it was normal to me!
me: bah!
marcus: The first you've read, the second is polished up, its what my Comp 1 teacher called Flawless
me: wow, awesome!
me: Comp = Composition or Computer?
marcus: Then again, my comp 1 teacher accepted a paper on "why the horde is superior to the alliance"
marcus: Composition
me: what exactly is the horde?
marcus: English
me: ah, okay
me: i took that class at utsa
marcus: The Horde would be the "bad guys" of WoW, Orcs, Trolls, Undead and Tauren (kinda like Minitaurs)
marcus: And soon, Blood Elves
me: i didn't know orcs were also beings other than in the LOTR books/movies
marcus: Eh, well
marcus: *sits you on his lap*
me: hey hey hey
marcus: Hm?
me: oh, i was just saying 'hey hey hey'
me: or 'hi'?
me: oh nevermind, haha
me: no tone of voice, no go
me: did i just confuse the hell out of you or what?
me: okay,
me: *lick*
marcus: Would that be like "well well well"?
me: yeah, basically
me: exactly
marcus: *shiver*
me: haha
marcus: Come see me at the bowling alley tomarrow :-)
me: hm
marcus: Ooh
me: ooh?
marcus: Or we could do somthing Sunday if you're off or not doing anything
me: i don't think i am, actually
me: are you up for sthg?
marcus: sthg?
me: something
me: on sunday?
marcus: Absolutely
me: cool then
marcus: I'm off
marcus: But what could we do? *rubs thigh*
me: psh
me: be horrible people?
me: lol
marcus: Go pshing?
me: nah
marcus: Stand on the street and go "psh" to every passing person?
me: i like that verb though, you're awesome
me: omg yes
me: how fun
me: and mean
me: and hilarious
me: to old ladies, even
marcus: ESPECIALLY to old ladies
marcus: Using up my tax money for social security I'll never see...
marcus: Bitches
me: hahaha
marcus: Oh my god, you need to see the Rasputin Video
marcus: That would be SO fun!
me: who is rasputin?
marcus: Rasputin was an advisor to the russian tzars befor the fall of the empire. He was shot, stabbed, poisoned, strangled, and finally rolled up into a carpet and thrown into a river.
marcus: He died while trying to get out of the carpet.
me: ouch
me: true story?
marcus: Yes
me: it's amazing he was still alive after all of that
me: i mean, alive enough to try and crawl out of the carpet
marcus: Our idea was that a soldier on the beach of Normandy calls him to the fight
marcus: And he starts killing EVERYONE
me: haha that's cool
me: the unexpected killing machine
me: just when you thought he was down, BAM
me: 'our'?
me: who's 'us'?
marcus: The Evil Counsil
me: and...does it hurt you that your friends smoke pot?
marcus: The elitist group I belonged to in Highschool
me: do you worry about them
marcus: Not really, its their business
me: so then you're not really too close to them, are you?
me: (that last line i'm not trying to make you feel small, i'm just genuinely wondering)
me: i realize that could sound mean, but that was not the intention
marcus: Not really
marcus: I only went to their house once
me: *hug*
marcus: *hug*
marcus: *sigh* :-)
me: hehe
me: *snuggle*
me: do you own this video
marcus: *traces his finger along your face*
marcus: No, unfortunately, I'm trying to get a copy
me: the elusive rasputin video
marcus: Yes
marcus: Along with "the victorian era" and "Benjamin Edward Ray's presidential campaign"
me: other videos you'd like to see?
me: are they other videos you'd like to see
me: (s'what i meant)
marcus: Other videos we made
me: ah, cool
me: so you made the rasputin video too then?
marcus: I think that's all that's on the video
marcus: Oh yes
me: i was wondering
marcus: I was dead soldier A
me: suh-WEET!
marcus: Yes
me: was that your breakout role?
me: hehe
me: after that, your career in acting was never the same!
me: or something.
me: *is not very funny*
marcus: No, I think my breakout role was me being the journalist in the Campaign video
marcus: I've never felt so fat in my life
me: your mom is a journalist in the campaign video
me: aw
marcus: No YOUR Mom...
me: haha
me: laff
marcus: *sucks your earlobe*
me: *narrows her eyes to slits playfully*
me: brb
marcus: Aw
me: aw?
me: i can stay
marcus: Yay!
me: hooray!
me: okay!
me: today!
marcus: Huh?
me: am i a cheerleader yet?
me: i'm just having fun with rhyming
me: Welcome to Janeane Has Fun With Rhyming!
me: *pats you on the head*
marcus: Gimme a J!
me: Now!
me: J!
marcus: Ok that's enough of that, *rubs your chest and inner thigh while kissing your neck*
me: *tugs on your bottom lip with her teeth*
me: are you at home?
marcus: Yes ma'am
marcus: At home in my bed
me: on the range? where the antelopes roam?
me: ah, me too
marcus: All alone
me: i have this funky tye dyed fitted sheet
me: awwwww ;-)
me: but you're with me!
me: sort of
marcus: -Ish
me: we can fend off the 3:30 am loneliness! ha
marcus: We could fend off anything
me: we could?
marcus: Sure!
me: that's sweet
marcus: Haven't you heard? I took on a whole mess of Orcs with just a spork
me: wooooow!
me: that went from dare i say romantic to funny in five lines
me: well, i'm good at knowing good bands, i can fend off bad taste in music
me: that's such a skill, lemme tell ya
me: you should carry around a spork wherever you go
me: like the towels in hitchhiker's guide
marcus: You ever wish you were born in an earlier decade
me: if a spork was all you'd ever need to defend yourself, than Boo-YAKA
marcus: ?
me: sure
marcus: I wish I was born in the early 1900s
me: the 70s, so i could be a hippie and attend woodstock, etc etc
me: why the early 1900s?
marcus: Or better yet, in the 1880s so I wouldn't miss the industrial revolution
marcus: I dunno
marcus: There's somthing I find romantic and exciting about the older machines
marcus: I would have loved to see the Steam Engines or the first plane
me: that would be fun
marcus: The Corliss Engine!
marcus: That would be wonderful!
me: and i hear you on the older machines thing. i have a record player and a film camera 'cause i like them
me: what's the corliss engine?
marcus: The Corliss Engine was a steam engine that stood around 5 stories tall
marcus: It was the centerpiece for the world fair
marcus: Very inneficient, but the IDEA that it presented
me: the idea of an engine?
me: neat
me: have you been learning about this in history?
marcus: It was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution
me: you can't fool the children of the revolution
me: (those were lyrics from [i think] a beck song)
me: y'know good taste in music is relative, therefore my skillz as a 'good' music identifier are fairly useless
marcus: Its normal for you
marcus: I feel that there's very little for someone to invent
me: hm...i suppose so. thanks
me: it's all been done
marcus: Well, very little great things
me: like computer chips?
me: or did you mean 'very few great things'
marcus: Yes
me: ah
me: okay
marcus: Unless I was able to invent the perpetual engine
me: my dad was a chip designer for compaq and then hp, but then he was laid off
me: he has 3 patents
marcus: An engine that could run forever without fuel
me: that would be amazing
me: and you would be rich
marcus: Rediculously rich
marcus: Serious "fuck you" money, there
me: you might trump Trump
marcus: Ouch...
marcus: You and your puns...
me: "fuck you" money? hm. nice. as in fuck you, world, i have more money so i will sling it where i like
marcus: Yes
me: oh dear goodness now that sounds terrible as i reread it
marcus: Exactly
me: oh, was that a comma splice?
me: my bad
marcus: Where would you let me sling it? :-P
me: bwahahahahah
me: sling what? your schlong?
me: sling and schlong...what incredible alliteration!
marcus: Schling schlong?
me: the doorbell just rang!
marcus: ... What?
marcus: The sherrif is a ni-*boooong*
me: schliiiiiiing........schling a schad schloooooong, and make it betterrrrrr....
marcus: What? The sherrif is near? Strike up the band!
marcus: No dagnabbit, the sherrif is a ni-*booong*
me: (schling schlong sounds a lot like ding dong, both of which i care for very much, HAHA)
marcus: Ooh, my brain fluff...
me: i don't understand it
me: but thats okay
marcus: Its a line from a mel brooks movie called Blazing Sadles
me: i've heard that was quite funny
marcus: There was a black sherrif in an old western racist town
marcus: Oh, hillarious
me: ok brb
me: forrreal this tim
me: e
marcus: K
me: O
me: I'm back
me: And better than ever!
me: With a newly washed face!
me: cool engine
me: i don't think i would like to live during the 1900s because i'm female
me: and goodness knows what kind of crap we had to put up with then
me: then again, the 70s and all times in the past involved misogyny
me: so yeah, i'm fairly happy living in the present
me: but a time machine would be nice, too just go visit some year for a few days, like a vacation
me: I'm going to 1976 this weekend! How 'bout you?
me: how fantastic!
me: i'm confused as to how IZZE can possibly say that a drink with 23g of sugar in it is "SIMPLE HEALTHY REFRESHMENT." More like Simple Saccharine Injection.
me: have you had your daily intake of sugar today? i think not. drink an IZZE.
me: fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, izze wizzy was a fizzy
marcus: I'm going to pass out now, dear
me: awww
me: *lick*
marcus: Yes
marcus: Purr
me: goodnight, mister
marcus: Goodnight, sweetheart
me: see you sunday for something then?
me: :-*
marcus: Absolutely!
me: coolness!
marcus: Somthing... O:-)
me: bwahahaha

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