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Surround yourself with positive people, with people who have high goals and are reaching adamantly for them. Go with the people who are searching for higher, better, improved lives for themselves. Donít get bogged down or pushed away from your dreams by hanging out with the wrong crowd. Do NOT let people tell you who you are or where youíre from, because most likely theyíre full of shit. Do NOT let people make you feel inferior. Do NOT let people brush you aside, or make you feel like less than you are. Do NOT let yourself be overlooked. Do NOT feel bad about who you are, do NOT let people walk all over you. Do NOT participate in activities that you do not want to participate in. Never apologize for who you are, or what you want, or think that youíre incapable of attaining your dreams. Hope. Dream. Work. Prosper. Donít settle, donít forget to be happy with what you have. Donít be afraid of what you want, what you could be, what you would be. Confront your desires head on, and do what you can to get what you want. You have this time, these minutes, this lifeóso use it. Be here now. Participate in the time you have on earth. Make the most out of what you have. Live. Enjoy. Smell roses. Become who you wish to become, no matter what everybody else says. Rely on yourself. Congratulate yourself. Know that you can do it, whatever your it is.


me: hey :-)
marcus: You're on early
me: ha, true
marcus: What's up?
me: not much, just got back from class
me: you?
me: listening to Muse, it's rocking my socks off fantastically
marcus: Heading back to the house from Arby's
me: cool
me: i still find it hard to believe that you can type and drive at the simulaneoulsy
me: it's frightening
marcus: Imagine whate else I can do
marcus: Like rule the world
me: pshhhhhhh...
me: anybody can do that
me: pinky and the brain? check.
me: and they're little animals!
me: then again, so are we
marcus: I'm kinda big...
me: bah, in comparison to a wooly mammoth?
me: notsomuch
me: this band is acrazing
me: or crazyamazing
me: ZING!
me: have you heard of muse?
marcus: Yes
me: do you have any muse/would you like to have any muse?
marcus: Uh
me: the band
me: you don't have to say yes, silly
marcus: Well
me: but i could burn you a copy if you want
marcus: I like Radiohead better
me: cool
marcus: But why not? I could expand my ipod library
me: i haven't heard radiohead, but i've heard loads about them
marcus: They pwn
me: and that muse is very similar to radiohead, a takeoff, really
marcus: They pwn bbq style
me: bbq?
me: quoi?
marcus: Yes
me: okay, now that that's cleared up...:-)
me: *hug*
marcus: Mmm!
marcus: *hug!*
me: hehe
me: my grandma is so sweet, she's always tearing up about sentimental stuff
me: are you getting along with your brother
marcus: Yesh
me: oh good!
me: that's great
me: both of them?
marcus: No, I don't see my other
marcus: Cause he's a douche bag
marcus: And lives in Beaumont
me: oh
me: that's sort of the one i was talking about, but that's okay
marcus: Oh
me: *hug*
marcus: Then no, not really
marcus: Mmm
marcus: I love hugs
me: me too
me: i was watching this documentary in my photojournalism class, and one photographer was shooting for national geographic. he talked about going to some foreign country, and of how he went into the wilderness and viewed a cave full of bones. most of the bones indicated that the people in the cave were hugging each other before they died
me: some things really give the realization that in the end, we're all human, and we have to just stick together, no matter how much we may hate each other
marcus: *nibble*
me: like in high school, my dad was driving behind me one night when it was raining really hard and i had just gotten back from a marching contest. he wanted to make sure i got to my mom's house okay, and he thought i could make it through this big puddle, that it wasn't too deep--unfortunately, it was. and guess whose house i stayed at that night? amy, my only real enemy during high school
marcus: Oh man
me: we happened to park in front of her house
me: *lick*
me: oh, woman
marcus: Metalocolyps is the best show ever
me: is it anime?
marcus: Nope
me: i'm not that in tune with tv, i never had cable until a year ago
me: shall i leave you to your show then?
marcus: No
marcus: Leave me with you
me: *curls up on your lap*
me: you think i'm going to forget you?
marcus: Not at all
marcus: I hpe not
me: Don't worry, I won't
marcus: Good
me: *smile*
marcus: *snuggle*
me: *nuzzle*
marcus: Is inspector gadget a robot?
marcus: Or is he a cyborg?
me: inspector gadget is rupert everett
marcus: Hm
me: i did a presentation about him in my french class about a year ago now
marcus: Rupert everett or inspector gadget?
me: yep
me: in the 1999 kids movie
marcus: ... Oh
marcus: Ah
me: i saw it with my dad in the theater
marcus: Not the first one
me: yeah, the new-fangled one
me: *snuggle*
me: *headbangs to muse*
marcus: *chomp chomp*
me: *closes eyes*
marcus: *licks neck*
me: *purr*
me: *kiss*
marcus: *kiss deep*
me: *shiver*
me: *hums8
me: *
marcus: *squeeze*
me: *sigh*
me: *presses up against you*
marcus: *holds you thighter
me: tighter still?
me: :-D
marcus: Yes
marcus: Thighter
me: thighter? as in my thighs? hm.
marcus: Yesh
me: Shanks!
me: *unbuttons shirt*
marcus: Traces finger from your neck down between your breasts
me: *swoon*
marcus: Swooning is fun
me: it is
me: in cartoons it is so adorable
me: charlie brown, for example
marcus: You should see one of the Animes I have on the computer
marcus: Called \"Shuffle!\"
me: is it swoonful
marcus: Yes
me: full o' swoons
marcus: Rediculously so
me: ah, i keep laughing out loud and my roommate keeps looking up at me
marcus: Lol
marcus: Only cause you're adorable!
me: bah! hahahaha
me: O:-)
marcus: Heehee
me: *smooch*
marcus: *smooch smooch*
marcus: Its a wonderful show
marcus: I bet you'd like
me: shuffle
me: to the left
me: to the right
me: take it back now, y'all
me: (some song)
marcus: lol
me: anyways *nuzzle*
marcus: Yes
marcus: *squeeze* what we gonna do sunday?
me: i don't know
me: good question
me: hm
me: you mentioned your rasputin video, but that's elusive, so sthg else
marcus: Yes, I don't have a copy
me: i have a few movies her
me: e
me: but no dvd player, it would have to be the laptop
marcus: I have a lot here too
marcus: And I have a 56\" hi def tv
me: well then
me: haha
me: that's superior
marcus: lol, we could find a copy of the Dark Crystal
me: or there's coffee or something
me: dark crystal?
marcus: An old Jim Henson movie
me: with muppets?
me: did he die relatively recently?
marcus: Puppets, but not muppets
marcus: Kinda recently
me: what's the difference?! :p
marcus: Its been a while
marcus: Maybe a decade
me: okay, so somewhat recently
marcus: They're not cute and/or cuddly
me: good!
me: i'm listening to modest mouse now, funfun
marcus: Yes, modest mouse rocks hard also
me: *headbangs to modest mouse*
me: hahahhahahahaaaa
me: now it's michael jackson's \"don't stop 'til youget enough\"
marcus: Zing
me: *chew*
marcus: Yummm
me: it's good in-the-mood music
me: music of pedophiles always is....,..
marcus: So a pedofile and a young boy are walking in a forest
marcus: The boy says I'm really scared
me: oh?
me: :-(
marcus: The pedofile says You're scared? I have to walk out of here alone
marcus: Budum-pshh
me: haaaaa
me: laff
marcus: We could watch Dokoro-chan
marcus: Its only 4 episodes long
marcus: And its rediculously entertaining
me: cool
me: what is it about
me: *listens to menomena*
me: that sounds like fun
marcus: This angel comes from the future to save this kid named Sakura
marcus: Unfortunately, she often flies off the handle and beats him to death
marcus: She brings him back, but it happens so frequently its hillarious
me: wow!
me: that does sound funny
marcus: Then she starts going to school with him
marcus: Filled with violence and sexual innuendo
me: does he resent her for flying off the handle so much, or like her because she saves him
marcus: Sort of both
me: an angel, going to school with him? hm
me: can the other students see her?
marcus: Yes
marcus: Halo, spiked bat, and all
me: does that make him a big nerd?
me: and is it animated?
marcus: No, she's really cute in anime terms, so all the guys in his class resent him
me: are they seeing each other or something? do angels even have genitals? lol
marcus: Nope
marcus: She does live with him
me: is he in high school?
marcus: Middleschool I think
me: hm
me: that sounds really funny
marcus: Its subtitled though
me: that's okay
marcus: Aside from that its great
me: so are a bunch of interesting french films
me: and foreign films in general
me: it's in chinese originally?
marcus: Japanese, chinese don't have good cartoons
marcus: They DO have great actionfilms though
marcus: Like 'Hero'
me: my roommate is chinese, she speaks it fluently and lived there until she was 9
me: i've not heard of hero
me: but i know what a gyro is
marcus: House of Flying Daggars?
me: hahahahahaha.....okay not very funny
me: i'm still drawing a blank
marcus: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?
me: yes, heard of that one--i saw part of it
me: my mom loved it, but i must admit, it bored me to tears
marcus: Hm
me: did you like it?
marcus: Never saw it
me: wow, really?
marcus: Yup
marcus: But the other two rawx0rz
me: *cuddle*
me: menomena is truly wonderful. they're sort of like mogwai
marcus: Hoo?
me: menomena and mogwai are both interesting, experimental-ish bands
marcus: Ah
me: my roommate just read this off to me from a book:
me: \"Clinton's appetite for food, sex, and power are well documented.\"
marcus: Hm
me: it's funny, republicans think he's a bad man, and democrats say he's only human
marcus: He was a great president
me: or that it doesn't really matter to his presidency, as he did many other good things
me: but i'm saying things other people have already observed
me: i think my roommie is a republican
me: i don't know what i am, but quizzes have told me i'm a democrat. my parents are republicans, so are my grandparents. especially my grandparents
me: do you know what you are?
marcus: I really don't subscribe to either
marcus: I'm more of a realist, whichever seems to be the better choice
me: it's difficult to say one way or the other, with so many issues
marcus: Problem is, we somtimes get a Lose Lose situation like the last election
me: yeah
me: *kiss*
marcus: Mmmm... :-)
me: :-*
me: *licks your neck*
me: *unhooks bra*
marcus: *slides it off your shoulder*
me: *creeps into your shirt*
marcus: *licks your earlobe*
marcus: Hey
marcus: I'm gonna take a shower
me: can i join you?
marcus: But of course!
me: yay!
me: *throws off all her clothes*
me: i need to go shower now too, actually
me: ;-)
me: ah, later then
marcus: Okie, sweetheart
marcus: I have work at 6 so...
me: okie, mister
marcus: Yeah...
me: i have a travesty party
marcus: Hmm... Maybe coffee tonight?
me: i would like to, but i'm really not sure how long this party will last
me: shall i see what you're up to when i get back then?
marcus: Hey, I'll be off at like 1, so anytime is good for me
marcus: Tonight is a late close night
me: i'm depending on someone else to give me a ride to the party, that's why i'm not sure what time i'm back
me: okay, cool
marcus: Awsome
marcus: Ttyl, lovely ;-)
me: *squeeze*
me: later, mister
marcus: *big squeeze*
marcus is away at 5:13:43 PM.
marcus returned at 5:20:42 PM.
marcus is away at 5:54:33 PM.
me: i finally got home!
me: how was your night?
me: *snuggle*
me: night

- Saturday, sept. 23, 2006


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