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another chat with mr. marcus

me: hey there
me: *lick lick*
marcus: Heya!
marcus: *squeeze*
me: :D
me: :-X <-- do you know what this smiley means?
me: i don't get it
marcus: What are you up to sweetheart?
marcus: just chatting with you, mister
me: "Lips are sealed"
me: okay, i gotcha
me: our lips are seeeealed
marcus: Aw, why?
marcus: I want our lips to be together
me: hehe
me: "our lips are seeeeealed" --that's a song, you haven't heard it? wow.
me: i don't know who sings it
marcus: Nope
me: well, trust me, it's a song
marcus: I'm getting into a bad habit of downloading anime
marcus: I have two coming down the pipe right now
me: my mom's friend ed really likes anime, and he just got a divorce. he's looking to meet women and she reccommended that he get into an anime group at when she suggested the group, he didn't seem too enthusiastic
me: i figure that could be one of a few reasons:
me: 1. i don't think there are too many women (especially older women) who are into anime in the first place
marcus: This is true
me: 2. as far as i understand it, there is some anime that features women in tight clothing/naked/whatever
me: 3. maybe he's just anti meeting friends through the internet
me: 4. maybe it's just a hobby he'd rather other people not know about
me: 5. maybe he has a thing against anime people
me: i can't think of any others at the moment
marcus: There are some anime's with naked women
marcus: I have one that does
marcus: But its very tasteful and dramatic
me: but she (my mom) asked me for my insight on why he reacted hesitantly
marcus: This is my thought
me: so they're like rated R movies
marcus: Yes
me: but animated, i suppose
marcus: Here's my take
marcus: Older women who watch anime aren't guarenteed to be much to look at
marcus: Believe me
marcus: Some may think its a cry for help...
me: Hm...interesting
me: i will tell my mother that if i remember
me: then again, that might offend her
me: i don't know
me: *shrug*
marcus: Well
marcus: Hm
me: i mean, she is older
marcus: Yeah
me: i wouldn't want her to think that i think that she is not much to look at
me: even though she isn't into anime
marcus: There is also the fact that it may be seen as childish by someone
me: there is a fine line between offense and general commentary at my house
marcus: I can imagine
marcus: From what I've heard anyway
me: i'm sorry, am i constantly complaining about her?
me: oh boy
me: i don't mean to
me: it's just what's on my mind most of the time
marcus: No
marcus: I just understand that to be the case
me: hey, i'm unemployed now~
me: did you turn in your app at roadhouse/bowling alley?
marcus: Me too!
marcus: *highfive*
me: woohoo!
me: booyaka!
marcus: Bowling alley yes
marcus: Never got one from roadhous
marcus: *sigh* Excel Saga is going to take 125hrs...
me: no comprende but that's okay
marcus: Well I'm downloading this show
marcus: That's supposedly hillarious
me: i'm listening to Rockin' Down the Highway by the doobie bros
me: oh, it's a show. i was thinking it was a game
marcus: And its going to take 125 hours to download
me: yikes
me: methinks you're bored
marcus: Doobie Brothers f'in roxors!
me: amen!
me: Jesus is Just Alright!
marcus: They're great! They're like sex! But I'm having them!
me: hahaa!
me: did you come up with that?
me: that would be fun to say
me: ah
me: i'm back
me: i'm now listening to disco
me: "Shining Star" by earth wind and fire

- tuesday, august 22, 2006


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