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hella boring

sooo...guess where my wallet was? under the bed. nice one, janeane! ah, well. i called a few places to ask after it, but as any valley girl says, "no biggie."

today it has rained like crazy and i had photography lab. when i walked in, only jeffrey was there, so i wondered if class had been canceled. three or four more people eventually walked in, so that was good.

i have been worried about my friend sarah who i always sit next to in that class. for one thing, i haven't seen her since tuesday of last week. for another, i'm worried that if i start sitting next to jeffrey she'll ask why, and i'll awkwardly say, "because i wanted to," or the like. oi. but like i said, she hasn't been to class, so all is well, so far.

i didn't bring an umbrella, but jeffrey had his, and he walked me home. i have another class at 6pm, and then i'm meeting him for dinner. fun stuff!

ta ta (i know this entry is hella boring),


4:59 pm - Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2006


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