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still making preparations

i'm starting to get to know my new guitar a bit better, and i'm enjoying the thing much more than i had thought possible upon its opening. i think there might be a guitarist in me, we'll see.

today i worked only three hours, and went to hot topic to buy these three shirts for the cruise:

1. a black john lennon t-shirt (i have the matching poster in my room)
2. a baby blue deathcab for cutie t-shirt
3. a skin tone panic at the disco t-shirt

i tried to buy the lightest colors i could because that's what dad suggested, and he has a point. as far as running around the boat goes, black might be alright if i stay mostly indoors. but who wants to be limited by walls? no one, i say!

i hope we can do some excursions...but no matter what, i'm sure i'll have fun. hopefully everyone will. and hey, i know for a fact that the food will be phenomenal, so if someone isn't having fun, they can at least eat something luscious and unhealthy.

naaaaah, we'll have fun aside from the victuals!


dad wants me to take the guitar to college--i know that officially now. i am sure mom will be against it, which is why she looked a bit angry when i told her about my new instrument.

string instruments i have:

1. mandolin
2. bass guitar
3. acoustic guitar

string instruments i can play:


so, we'll see how this particular set of strings does under my supervision for three months. hopefully the steel will see much wear and i will go through my spare strings.

my tuner is broken, it came that way.

i've listened to just a bit of the instructions. guitar instruction seems to me incredibly difficult to manage because i always find myself wanting to play a different note than the one my teacher is encouraging me to attempt. the guitar is fun, why would i want to limit myself to becoming a robot and doing everything some so-called expert tells me to do?


now it's time to play good idea, bad idea! (don't you just love those? i always have!)

on a downside, i don't get any holiday pay from subway. not for working on Christmas Day, not for working on New Years. MEH. DOUBLE MEH. A GOGOL MEH.

on an upside, i only have 7 (or maybe even 5, depending) days at subway! after that, i'm NEVER coming back to this company. no, siree. i am more than a sandwich artist, and i strive for greatness in a different field different than the food industry.


i feel like an asshole. i need to call my acquaintance ray back before he has a mental breakdown or something. then again, it's not my job to make sure he's not freaking out. i don't think we're even friends. he says we're not.

here were his words on the phone the other night:

"I don't have any friends in Austin."

Well okay, then what do you call me? Thanks a lot, pal. Way to feel sorry for yourself.

I must admit, when I heard those words, I felt offended. There was a long pause in which I could have said something to back myself up, to call him on his crap, but instead I remained silent. I was too tired, too saddened, to lifeless to fight his words. In a way I accepted his statement and in doing so de-friended him. He did not realize this. There are better people out there with whom I can spend my time, of that I am convinced.

he's not on facebook, so i may put this on there. i can only stand so much negativity before i start slapping, or napping.

at the same time, i feel compelled to keep talking to him. he seems like one of those people who i am meant to meet and speak with. he has excellent taste in music and KNOWS about music. he's a nice person, generally speaking, and in many ways, he's nicer than most. i don't know about him. wait, no--i know gobs about him! he talks 100 miles a minute, and often about himself, which is a-ok with me, as long as he's not telling me i'm not his friend or dumbing down life, our great gift. my mother doesn't know or like him (she hates 90% of my friends, so if you even know me, beware of her) .... i don't know where i was going with that, i just got distracted.

goodnight already, it's almost 3 am.

- friday, dec. 29, 2006


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