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So, i'm on the bus again, going to h-town.

i have no idea what mom will say, but at least i have this job.

rent $3,300 or so
other expenses/food $300 or so
books - $300 or so
tuition - $90

rent 1 - december job
rent 2 - spring job
rent 3 - spring job
other expenses/food - g&g/dad
books - g&g/dad
tuition - december job
internet - ?

hopefully this will convince her that i need to stay at ut. i don't know whether or not they will let me in, but i refuse to give up yet. lots of people apply the first time around and do not gain acceptance.

it would be ridiculous to change schools now. UTSA doesn't have a Journalism school, and a THIRD college will not accept all of my credits. this is crazy. i MUST make it in, or i'll freaking die trying.

to take next semester:

-NOT MATH unless there is no other option


Maybe I won't go on the cruise if i can work. 1 week's worth of work at subway would be (and this is just a guess)...

30 hrs.

about $180

THAT could probably cover my internet bill for the semester. how much is internet?

3 OR 4 months = $80? NO, that sounds like too little.
I will budget $150, because that sounds closer to the truth, for some reason.

*Note: I have not included tax in any of these calculations.

16 days
5 hrs. per day (about)
80 hrs. total
$480 total

- Thursday, Dec. 14, 2006


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