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21 is the magic number

On the radar: Abby turns 21 on a Sat. in Avril! She wants to take her picture with 21 different guys that night (we're going clubbing), and I said I would be her photographer! Oi, I can't wait! How fun. Hmmm...yep, another thing not to tell mom. With the coming of her birthday I'm getting excited about my own. I told her that even though I would be at home that summer with mom, I would grab "a friend of some sort" to out with that night. I refuse to hang out with my mother on the night of my 21st birthday. I WILL be at a club or a bar or someplace social without any family members. That is all. During the day, anything goes. I'll probably be job searching that day anyway if I haven't already found something, and that's cool, but that evening is mine. No, I will not get drunk. No, I will not have sex. No, I will not become an insane do-badder and wreak havoc on my life just because I will then have the opportunity to buy my own booze. I just need some independence. I wish I could turn 21 here in Austin.

I've also been thinking about what Abby said the other day about men, about how you let the guy chase you rather than making moves on him.


That kind of theory lets men have every drop of the power! If we are so afraid to pursue men that we never make a move, the unappealing men will get to us first. In this system, we women must be extremely lucky to "get the guy" that they genuinely want. Here, we must sit at our phones and HOPE that they ring with our Mr. Right Now. With an outlook like this, we let the men do the deciding as to who gets who. Why let go of the reins?


I do agree that men love the chase--such a fact cannot be denied--but I don't see this as a reason to not go for a guy who floors you. Your thoughts?

6:27 pm - Wednesday, Feb. 07, 2007


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