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why i'm glad i didn't go to class today for an earful

this e-mail from my music Prof:

"Hello all --

I'm getting a few emails asking for extensions on the paper due today. This is my policy: any paper submitted after I leave the classroom today will be counted as late and will be deducted a full letter grade. If you have still not handed in a paper by the time the TA and I hand them back, you will get an F on the assignment. I *may* make exceptions for *documented* medical emergencies. You've known about this assignment for a month, and while I realize that *&^% happens and you might find yourself with a computer emergency or car emergency or whatever, you've been in college for a couple of years and by now know that if you want insurance against *&^% happening you have to get things done early."

so yeah, i'm one of the ones he's bitching about. however, i'm sketchy about how professional this e-mail is...what do you think?

- monday, Feb. 19, 2007


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