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And so...she's bi!

She almost makes me want to be bi, too.

I've thought on occasion of "swinging that way,"

-i'm in Chipotle and I just caught an indian boy looking my way, maybe it's a sign!-

I don't know if, no, I couldn't.

I just wish I could meet a guy as amazing as Abby, that's all.

I've always seen Abby in my someday-maybe wedding, and as of late, she has been my Best Woman, or Top Bridesmaid, or whatever they're called. I don't ever want to lose touch with her. She is as they say, "a keeper."

I wonder if my family weren't so conservative, if girl + boy = correct wasn't so prevalent and influenced within my little circle of humanity, if I might have turned out gay or bi.

Or trans...AHH! I can't picture myself trans.

If I tried bisexuality on for size, I think I would fail miserably. Just like I have trained my eyes not to look at "taken" men, women have always been the untouchables. The only reason I would experiment would be to see if Abby and I could go somewhere, and I wouldn't experiment with her. Result: I would hurt a girl in the process of my experimentation. I'm not cruel, I'm just straight.

Still, I long for the day when commercials feature gay couples next to straight ones, when people won't stare or do a double take when men and men or women and women hold hands.

Am I starting to sound like MLK? Oops...

- saturday, Mar. 03, 2007


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