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\"Again ladies, all it takes is a wink and a smile!\" - Greg

Could it be a book to save the masses?

To save all women? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

I just bought a wondrous tome entitled He's Just Not That Into You, which I would highly endorse if I were famous enough to endorse anything. That said, Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo would love me long time, and the world would be a better place.

Why would I reccommend such an offensive-sounding book, you say?

Because it speaks the searing, blunt truth about men and boys! Yes, they are different breeds and we should not just bear with the boys. Marcus is a first-rate boy, I've discovered. I've also discovered that learning how to move on is empowering, and that women do indeed have power in romantic relationships. We get to say "no" all day long to the lads, and as cruelly as we desire!

I've also learned that what Abby reccommends is true--we can let the man chase us while retaining a feminist status, and doing so gives the dude a thrill. Infact, we get a thrill out of the situation, too. Imagine that! Most long-lasting relationships begin with the man making the first move. I still believe that a woman can ask a man out and that such beginnings can foster long-lasting relationships, I'm simply aware now that this is the exception and not the rule. In this book, remembering that one is the rule and not the exception becomes increasingly important.

After reading the first 9 chapters of the book within hours of purchasing it, I am strengthened and somewhat saddened. These truths tell me very few men have ever been interested in me. I'm not crying over this, I'm moving on, just as the book would suggest. I deserve better.

*I deserve to be asked out.
*I deserve to be called when the man says he will call.
*I deserve to be really dated, not strung around on a bunch of outings with his friends. Nice as they may be, I am NOT a man's girlfriend in this situation, instead I become one of the gang. Instead I become arm candy.

Though there are many "deserve"s I have learned of today, I'm tired and can't name them all here by memory. I feel free!

Marcus is getting no more of my affection or communication. I'm going to block him on AIM again, this time for good. :)

2:25 am - Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2007


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