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hopes for jimmy

maybe i need to just accept my cousin jimmy.

maybe he is just one of those rare few who leads one of those exception sorts of lives. i just hope he's happy, and i hope that the way he has led his life has been the way he has wanted it. i hope that someday he can honestly say that he has no regrets. i hope that we're wrong about him, that he isn't doing drugs and that he is working hard at school, work, and being a good stepfather. i hope our family starts communicating with him again, and i hope his new family welcomes him with open arms. i hope that he has found a family to replace the missing pieces of his old one. and, i hope that even though he's only 18, he is finding his way in the world successfully. i hope he is treating himself and his new family with respect, and i hope that he is finding joy, wherever he is and whatever he is doing.

clearly quitting school and marrying her was a huge step, and i hope for his sake that this was absolutely the right decision. he's an amazing person, and i believe he will go far. i also believe that he will come back to our family, eventually. we're pretty irresistible.


"Will you be the Otani to my Koizumi?"

hm...what a sweet confession of love. If only it had a chance of working.

I also found out that Marcus says he is 5'10, "on a good day." I always thought he was shorter than me!

2:45 am - Friday, May. 11, 2007


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