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"I want a thinking woman's job," I always think to myself during the summers. I wonder whether or not I'll be stuck in an office. Such work seems quite appealing to me now.

I never saw myself as a cubicle dweller, but I wouldn't mind a cushy office job right now. Could I learn to adapt to a life like that? Possibly. ...but I would rather travel.

Everything I do seems to come down to now. There is little time for philosophy or original thought, and yet I have places like my sandwich shop that force me to remember that I am a creator...of more than just subs. Every once in a while, we get an amusing customer who walks in, one of those people who is happy just to be alive. A few days ago that was a tall boy with his short female friend (probably a mother), and he kept giving her a hard time about wanting her sandwich toasted. So of course, when it was time for him to order, I asked, "And what will YOU be having?" I love weird customers.

Once a guy asked one of my co-workers for ice cubes on his sandwich...ANY break in the monotony of our day is a welcome relief!


I love how facebook has taken all the balls out of dating!

I got a message in my honesty box a few days ago that said, "You are so cute." Since it was highlighted in blue, it was from a boy. Which boy, I have no idea. However, I have narrowed it down to four. I'm fairly sure it's Thomas, a guy I met on a bus and didn't like in a romantic way. Infact, I didn't really feel like talking to him, I was just being nice. could be Thomas, or Colin, or Jamie, or Blake.

If it's Colin: I'm ecstatic!
If it's Thomas: Oh no.
If it's Jamie: Hmmm...he seems like a pretty cool person.
If it's Blake: Sweet, but he's just a friend to me.

Of course, it could be a total of 15 different guys, but I'm ruling out the ones who:

-are gay
-have a girlfriend/fiance/wife
-haven't seen me in ages
-haven't met me
-are an ex

And so it is that I am left with those four. I have logged onto AIM lately, because I chat with Colin on there from time to time. Maybe I can casually ask him if he has Honesty Box'd me lately...

5:33 am - saturday, Jul. 14, 2007


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