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the unreachable people

everyone's afraid, it seems, that they're not good enough for anyone else. that is the fear, isn't it? that we won't find love? that when it hits us, we'll abuse it? that when we find that person, he/she just won't be good enough?

it bugs me that i am a bit consumed with men. i just want friends, i guess, and preferably male ones. next semester will come, and my spirits will rise up. that, i know.

and today a boy was looking at me while i ate mexican with dad. he was much too young, but i caught him looking at me twice. they were a cute family. two boys, a couple of parents, and an older person or two. they looked nice.

dad is sick with something right now, and i don't want to catch it. as a result, i spent most of our dinnertime talking to get his mind off of the coughing. he asked me to.


I also must quit giving in to the urge to go to kroger at 4 am to buy cookie dough.

Lately i've been researching nutrisystem...i shouldn't try it. appealing as it is, my mother might kill me if she found out how much i paid for that. speaking of killing, i need to talk to my manager about my paycheck, and stat...

only worked 17 hours this week...dang, and i am still exhausted! whatev.

and i'm watching this boy from atlanta on youtube...and he's adorably awkward...and he's 24...and he's not single.

maybe i'll always like the unreachable people?

- monday, Jul. 16, 2007


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