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in the midst of blahs

i don't feel very loved at all. i'm lonely, but so are most people, and i don't know why i'm writing this. i think i am tired, and i may have gotten dad's cold, because my head hurts. sickness is never a good thing.

i am disconnected from the world, and i am asleep all day. maybe i just need some vitamin d?

i wish everyone would just go away and leave me alone, and yet i feel desperate for some friends, and maybe a guy...but a guy is really too much to ask for, and if i'm looking out for myself, i know i don't want a guy.

i could talk to marc, he's always there.

and he's always marc, so nevermind...

(sorry, this is a depressing post)

i guess i just wished someone liked me, other than my jeff. arg. i'm pretty sure it was he who wrote, "You're so pretty" in my honesty box. i asked colin if he had written anything lately in it, and he said no. he also told me that even people without the honesty box application could write in my box. so yeah...probably jeff. why did i date him again?

i feel a little lost, like i'm not sure how people behave in relationships.

- wednesday, Jul. 18, 2007


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