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dumbledore is gay! i <3 j.k. rowling!

J.K. Rowling announced in NY's Carnegie Hall Friday that Dumbledore is gay!

6:46 pm - Sunday, Oct. 21, 2007


So, got a boyfriend?

When I see him, my paternal grandfather always asks me if I have a boyfriend. Grandfather is staunchly anti-gay, and I am staunchly pro-gay, so we simply donít talk about these issues.

So today I was thinking about what I would say to him if I were a lesbian.

Grandfather: So, got a boyfriend?

Granddaughter (eyes widening, she shrugs): Ösort of.

Grandfather (smiling): Sort of?

Granddaughter (thinks of a guy friend of hers): Yeah, this guy and I are talking.

Grandfather: Ah, I see. Do you like him?

Granddaughter: Yeah.


Oh yeah, and did you know that October 11th was National Coming Out Day? Itís also William Sleddís birthday!


Oh yeah, and my roommate was such a dear today in the way she approached me to tell me how rancid my ďlaundry cornerĒ was smelling! So of course, I am doing ALL of my laundry now, and am in fact grateful for her teeny but effective kick in the pants.

Oh yeah, and hereís an awesome song!

That would be ďGone Daddy Gone,Ē by Gnarls Barkley. :)

10:17 pm - Thursday, Oct. 18, 2007



Heeeeey Bitches!

Yours truly is the leading lady for today's Texan!

Translation: I wrote three stories yesterdsay, and two hit the front page of my college paper this morning. Two had pictures, and one had a fun little breakout box listing numbers about who to call if you see a dead bat hanging around.

(Tip: Don't make out with dead bats. It's not cool, and you could get rabies.)

Habitat Story


Nazi Docs

I think itís time to stop gloating now.

Thatís the good news.

The bad news is that Iím desperately behind in my studies, and will probably be forced to quit the paper (which is a true confidence-booster, as evidenced by this post.)

The other news is that now my (very few) readers know who I am, for realz.

Nice to meet you, strangers!

8:57 am - Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2007


at einstein's bagelry

i'm unhappy only because i am making the wrong decisions; there is no one else to blame.

"oh, what you do to me." - some song on the radio

i've tried praying, but i can't seem to get through a prayer, whether it be for myself or someone else.

i'm going through another serious "is college worth it?" syndrome lately, and i'm even contemplating suicide, but i'm afraid to say so--even write so. i think the bridge at night would be a dramatic way to go.

And then there's Chap, my dead cousin, serving as a get-out-of-jail-free card for my many late assignments. so much for good recommendations.

i dream of achieving great heights scholastically--of outrunning my family, so to speak--but i am afraid i might actually be one of them, deep down.

i wonder why today in math all i wanted to do was make out with the guy sitting next to me, in front of the whole class, and the T.A., and the prof.

my second best fantasy to that was simply writing him a note saying, "Want to make out after this?"

i don't know why i want to make out right now. it just sounds like it would be a relief. or maybe i just want false justification that i'm doing fine...

i'm starting to wonder if i'm depressed. i was once a more positive person, and that was only a few days ago.

it's getting a little cooler since it's october--but i love the cool, so what's wrong?

i wish a psychologist could read this journal and analyze me or something...

i want to know who i am, what i'm really like, and i don't think that's something i can know. i'm biased to like myself sometimes, and to not like myself sometimes.

a third party is really necessary.

perhaps i just uncovered where my lack of self-confidence lies. ugh.

i dressed up today. it was picture day in podcasting. the prof was in a bad mood. he even said, "sometimes i just want to jump."

the redheaded grad student's eyes widened at that, and suddenly i realized he wasn't joking. it's amazing to me how such a jolly, witty, sarcastic, bright, admirable person such as he says phrases like that in seriousness.

i hope i never know someone who kills themselves. i don't think i know myself. but sometimes i feel i have a vague idea, so i'll never jump.

- monday, Oct. 15, 2007


Love Life Cycle

I believe oneís love life before marriage or engagement is simply a series of gaining and losing significant others.

With this in mind, we can assume that anyone in a relationship is simply at a different point in their love life cycle than someone who is not in a relationship. For some reason, this makes being jealous of others because they are ďtakenĒ pointless. We are all individuals at various points in our lives, and we are all at various points in our love lives, also. After all, love is a recurring theme in life, and as Lennon would say, itís all we need.

So if Suzy has a boyfriend, but Sally does not, this means they are at different stages of the cycle, not that one woman is any better or worse than the other.

This theory also debunks people who pity the Sallys of the world. After all, Sally might be quite content with her singledom, and itís easy to see why a Sally often becomes offended when her friends try to set her up with Dicks. :)

Remember that idea that love hits you when you least expect it, or when youíre not searching for it? Well, this matches the love life cycle idea; because when youíve been single for quite a while, you start thinking you might not have a significant other ever again.

But then it happens. The cycle cranks you around to another someone special, and you repeat the same steps until you find someone to love for the rest of your life.

So, donít fret over being alone. Embrace the you, whoever he/she is today, with or without a significant other. You never know where life will take you, or when youíll meet someone.

P.S. I also admit that I am biased and only human, so Iím probably writing this to make myself feel better as a new, happy single.

6:58 pm - Monday, Aug. 13, 2007


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