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am i dealing with yet another dating site idiot?

victor is off the site. and by "off the site," i mean off the dating site, which tells me the following if i try to click on his screenname, which always showed a profile until today:

"Account status: INACTIVE

We only show profiles of active users.

Why? Well, when someone hasn't signed in in 90 days, you shouldn't get your hopes up.

So we refrigerate the account until they return.

Another possibility is they deleted it, in which case all hope for you is lost."

so he evidently left the site, which means either he isn't interested in me and doesn't know how to tell me to my face (typical guy shit), he has found some other girl and wants to show her he's done with the dating site scene, he's becoming addicted to the site and doesn't do things he needs to do, or he's found me and wants to be exclusive.

i want to take a moment to say that last thought is RIDICULOUS because the guy hasn't even met me, so i know he's not about to settle down. i'm pissed right now...fuck.

about a week ago he made his facebook profile private. and he never even friended me. i wanted him to do that. what the hell? why are men so goddamned afraid of commitment? of fucking FACEBOOK commitment?! good grief.

i'm fairly sure i'm about to be rejected again over something insipid, and that like adam i'll never meet victor. if he doesn't want to meet me this weekend (his weekends are sundays and mondays,) then i'm quitting the site forever, and communicating with glen and keith.


9:18 pm - Saturday, Feb. 09, 2008


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