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relationship influences

i wonder how i will communicate with matt over spring break? a call or two? some facebook poking? a quick, friendly e-mail to let him know i'm thinking about him?

oh, and abbie's high on life thanks to charlie, the new boy toy! and by boy toy, i mean boyFRIEND! woot. i am so excited for her! but not enough to keep writing about it.

i'm learning from the intarwebs the importance of examining the romantic relationships around you, because they greatly affect the ones you endeavor.

so who am i working with here?

-my parents, although the fact that they've been divorced since i was 9 doesn't help me much. i can remember some aspects of their relationship, but most of the learning about their union is stuff i learned after the divorce, and from mom. so of course it was biased.

-my mom's parents - probably my best example

-my dad's parents - crappy example

-roommie and her long-term bf - who knows what goes on? the roommie isn't too open w/me about anything like that.

-sarah and cris - good example, they're just quite young to be engaged.

-abbie and charlie - we'll see.

-nat and ceej - they've been together six mois! they're adorable!


ALSO: I just saw what will hopefully be my apartment next year! YAAAAAY!

also, today's voting day.

i choose you, obama-chu!

1:42 am - Tuesday, Mar. 04, 2008


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