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I am learning that it is perfectly OK to be a prude, because not being one means to risk getting quite physical, which means to risk one's sanity, time, career, and emotional stability. Funny, how even as an unmarried gal I seem to be stuck between my career and men.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm sick of dating and men. It's my friends that get me into this mess...I appreciate their help/corrupting, but I know not all of this can be good for me.

Well, Abbie and I had dates (mine was blind) to go drinking last night but they never showed or called back in time for us to meet them. Instead we found a couple of dudes at a bar I'll retitle "The Monkee" because my new date's cousin owns the place, and I don't want this to fall into the wrong hands.

I'm a bit taken aback by the fact that I got hit on more than Abbie did last night. I had 5 dudes hit on me, I can't believe it. No, I can, I'm awesome and I need to keep thinking that way. Perhaps I'll club in that outfit more often! She got more looks and "check outs" than I did...but I got more dudes to talk to me. WEIRD! I feel rejuvenated, my confidence is back, I don't know what got into me that last entry! I'm attractive, and I should know it without having guys hit on me. It just helps a little (a lot?) when they take the time to chat me up...

My new date was a pushy guy named Nate. Interesting that I thought he was Hispanic, Abbie thought he was white, and he's actually Iranian. My mother won't date Iranians because her best friend married one, and he treated her like shit. They divorced, thankfully.

I wish I could brush this off and not worry about his race, and maybe I can, but I can't say at the moment that it doesn't concern me. Then again, he also smokes pot on occasion, and I'm not sure I want to date a pot smoker.

He kept telling me to take off my clothes, lick his dick, "put it in," and let him eat me out...and I had just met the guy. Granted, he was drunk, but whatever...I wasn't, thank goodness. It was a smart choice to only have 2.5 drinks last night, all we did was make out and I gave him a hand job. He texted me this afternoon asking if we'd had sex, so I told him what we did. He asked me if I wanted to come over and watch a movie, which I guess is sort of a date, but I had a paper to write. He texted back "that sucks," and offered to help me with it. I wouldn't mooch in such a weird way, so I just thanked him.

Abbie had sex with her new date, KC, who graduated high school at age 16 and is about to graduate with his second degree in something this May.

If I were her, I would feel horrible about a one night stand...a one night make out is one thing, but wow...we're all different, as she and I like to remind each other. It's vital to keep telling yourself that when your best friend is sometimes your exact opposite.

- sunday, Apr. 27, 2008


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