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heroin and ken's donuts

Good morning, and welcome to ken’s donuts

blessings in disguise do indeed happen, like tonight, for example.

so i was having a dream that i was on the postsecret chat, except it was a live chat, and some guy was calling me a tease, which is not cool but naturally very hot. :)

then i woke up needing to use the ladies room because if you're at the start of a wet dream and you get awakened, you're going to need to piss.

so my roommate is in the bathroom and i am so groggy that at 3:30 am i start to open the door but realize just in time that it's occupied. she says, "sorry," and i say, "no worries." a minute or two later i hear the shower go on. fuck! i can't wait a shower's worth of time.

so i grab a large coat, slip on some flip flops, and grab the keys. it's bathroom time.

the first place i stop is one of those "we have a restroom, but not one for YOU," kinds of places, and it's a gas station. so the clerk points me to the 24-hour donut shop across the street.

when i walk in, a drag rat immediately says, "hi, how are ya? nice to meet you." as i work my way over to a door at the back of the store, i smile and say something like, "fine, thanks. nice to meet you, too." i don't accept his extended hand and i feel bad for doing so, but i'm quite self conscious in my coat and windshorts, i'm afraid this old guy will think i'm hooking.

then i see that the door is infact an "employees only" door, and so i work my way up to the cashier and around the homeless guy, who's still looking at me curiously.

then the guy who owns the place says, "okay, dude, out." and the dude starts to argue with him. "i'll be real quiet, so quiet," he says. then as i start to ask the owner if i can use his restroom, the guy starts talking again, and he says firmly but gently, "okay, get out, we've talked about this."

a little later and i'm squatting. i don't use toilet paper because i figure if there's any place i'm going to get a strange and incurable disease, it's at 3:30 am at a donut shop. i decide then and there to dig into my donut only AFTER i've returned home to use the sink there for the same reason.

then as i'm deciding which restroom pass donut to buy, the hobo starts talking again, to no one at all, so i pseudo-listen.

"you know, i don't have a wife, don't have kids, but i do, i certainly love Jesus," he says. i smile at him and nod a bit, then going back to the donuts. i'm not completely cold-hearted. then he says some other words as i'm ordering, and when i walk out, i hear, "i'm gonna go watch some sci-fi tonight i think. is that okay with you?"

uncertain of what he might be implying, i say, "sure," and find myself holding the door open for him, because if i don't, the door will slam on his back. his parting words were, "if you need any more of it, you just let me know." i start to wonder if he has dissociative identity disorder, and what that all means. damn. he didn't ask to be psychoanalyzed by a complete stranger who's only in intro to psychology. but people are so fascinating, i can't help myself.

i thank him for his offer, whatever "it" might have been. perhaps heroin, i think he mentioned that at some point in our little one-sided conversation. i think it was alongside Jesus, if i remember right.

there's a cabbie waiting for him and i'm wondering if he has any fare, because with einstein hair and a tattered plaid blanket i'm thinking not. he asks for the nearest motel 8...

i get into my car and wait a bit until they leave, just in case he decides to say, "follow that car!" and i find myself driving around until i lose them. i look up again at the shop workers, put my car into reverse, and drive home, replaying the experience in my head until i'm able to write it out.


So it’s doctor’s orders that I get a crush on a guy from EVERY CLASS. Here’s what I’ve cum up with…

Writing and reporting:
-blondie in the back
-dark hair with hat, indie-ish
-redhead with glasses in front
-blondie with glasses in front, indie-ish

Theories of mass communication:
-girl who looks like lonelygirl15

Multimedia journalism
-matt #2

Psychology 101
-redhead w/long hair
-dr. sam ;)

- friday, Nov. 21, 2008


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