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bartending brandon

last night abbie and i chased boys again, for the first time in what feels like ages. as usual, she won at everything and i received little attention, despite the fact that she's taken.

i don't want a guy who doesn't say goodbye.

i did this because i hadn't made out with anyone since jim last may or early june, i can't remember which. that's six months without any cuddling. i was going crazy.

i swore off friends with benefits situations at that point, and now here i am swearing them off again. sometimes i really hate men.

and logically i would never end up with him, but...

his name was brandon, he was 25, he was a bartender, and he had red hair.

so basically he was my dream guy, and i screwed it all up just for a little affection.

note to self: he works at perry's (terry's)? on 70th st.

i do too want to see him again.

- tuesday, nov. 25, 2008


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