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t-day and a call to say 'hi'

the length it takes for someone to get over someone else

-1 week for every month you were together

(one of the characters from How I met your mother)

-1/2 the length of the relationship

(Lily of How I met your mother)

lily seems awfully extreme...geez, a fellow diarylander has vertical horizon's "best i ever had" playing on her profile, i have GOT to shut it off!

thanksgiving wasn't as traumatic as i thought it would be. grandma wants to know what i see in new york. LOVE! My LIFE! that's what...only she doesn't let me finish my sentences. :)

there was so much food, it was insane. i still don't think i want to be a chef.

the folks came by my apartment today, all of them--the grandparents, dad, the two uncles and the aunt.

i made out with a random guy two nights ago. he was a redhead...wait, i already went over this. he was a jerk.


Matt #2 called to see how my thanksgiving went. His went crappy (surprise, surprise), but for a very legit reason. His dad has emphysema and hadn't told either him or his sister. So they go to his house on thanksgiving to pick him up and drive him to the hospital since he's gasping for air because of also having pneumonia. his sister on the way says, "you know bernie mac died from pneumonia, and he was only 53 or so," which is of course their dad's age. yikes...

in short, they got him to the hospital and he's doing better now. what a stressful thanksgiving.

in short, I WON. HE called ME to say hi, and not for any project reason. i'm still into him, more now because he may be into me...i wonder if he's more into me now because he knows me better, because i've ignored him (somewhat), because he's finally started to get over his ex, or if he's not into me, just calling because he was on a dark road and usually calls someone whilst on a dark road...

when i saw the caller ID read his name, i thought, "oh, this is good. he's calling at 11 pm on the day after thanksgiving. the likelihood that this is for school is SLIM. slim indeed! hi-ya!

he also bragged about how he has friends in tomball, the woodlands, and in willowbrook, and he's very popular...that's fine, whatever floats your boat.

*note to self: his sis lives in the woodlands. if you're reading this julie perhaps we have a connection through her? :)

*other note to self: his dad lives around Brenham.

- friday, nov. 28, 2008


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