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friends after this semester

today i went to abby's to drop off some of her stuff. she wanted me to park because she thought it would take two trips, but there weren't any parking spaces anywhere, and in all honesty, it was only one trip's worth of junk. so we drove around for awhile talking about warren the weird and matt 2 (our guys of the moment), and it was entertaining for us both.

then we found a parking space and hung out at her place for a couple of hours, still talking about the same things. eventually we got on to the topic of children, and how at first they love their parents, then turn into teens and hate them, and are later friends with them. we ruminated on this awhile, and i said, "i don't think my parents are going to be very good friends with me after this semester," and started to cry. she just sat there, said, "sooooo...." and then began talking about she and warren again. she didn't even ask why i thought they wouldn't be friends with me. it was done, on to her boyfriend, my problems didn't matter.

i didn't really want to remain on the topic of my folks anyway, so i kept going with her conversation, but i am still upset that she didn't even try to comfort me, and i had been helping her figure out what to do with warren and encouraging her all afternoon.

she's more concerned about loyalties than the good of the world, and it sickens me.

the psychologist is right, i'm not getting the support from this friendship that i need. and next time abby wants to come over and pretend this is her place, i refuse to take her here. not going to happen.

i hope she tries again.

- wednesday, dec. 3, 2008


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