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well, it's february. it's 9 pm and i'm still working on my course.

i need 1050 points to get a C and get rid of this crap. so far i have 323, and 3 assignments worth 100 that haven't been graded yet.

then i have 5 more assignments to turn in that are each worth 100, and then a test worth 100.

1223 is my grade if i get a perfect score on all the remaining things. of course that won't happen, but i'm trying to do my very best. oi.

That means to make a 1050, I just need to do all my assignments and 1 test left over and get at least a 67 or higher on them. Then I will have my C. itís almost over, I can freaking taste it!

- sunday, feb. 1, 2009


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