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love the one you're with

Joe said once, "I'm picturing you with...a little dog." He said that a couple of times, actually. I grew up with a small and a medium dog, and I still want a dog.

I'm not sure which was sweeter, his somehow knowing my past, or knowing what I wanted for the future. But yes, I had a small dog, and yes, I want one in the future. His psychic ability to see this dog made me feel like he knew me, somehow.

I hope R is like that. I think he already is. He's not emotional, and he's not very perceptive. But he cares, and you can tell if I mention a male friend. I want him forever. So do I want other men. I'm a strange case. But I'm sticking with R. Love the one you're with, as they say.

9:49 pm - Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014


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