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Just google 'bitch' and you'll find her.

My screenwriting TA, that is.

I know I'm an old soul because when I see that someone is turning 29 on Facebook, I think, "Oh, how cute, they're so young." And then I realize I'm 28. Translation: I feel older than I am.

I feel a pressure to hurry up and do the wedding, so people don't die first and become unable to attend. Not sure how to feel about this. The people are my maternal grandmother, my paternal grandfather, and my fiance's father.

That's a lot of freaking death. Hopefully there's less of it to come than we imagine. And hopefully people will stop guilting us into waiting a 12 to 19 months from engagement to wedding. Again -- it's our wedding, not theirs.

Do I want the elderly to attend? Of course. But the financial situation dictates that we can't reserve a location right now even if we wanted to. The only free places are a teeny tiny chapel (no) or his grandfather's plot of land (no, because I won't be renting port a potties for guests on my wedding day.)

2:01 am - Sunday, Mar. 22, 2015


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