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goodbye spring break, hello positive polly

Today was cheery.

I finished up to the inciting incident of my script, wrote the outline for the remainder of Act I, and went to classes. Even with very little sleep last night, the Spring Break sleep-heavy schedule still managed to energize me.

I've been a positive Polly today.

In other news, the school computers decided to start letting me hear my stuff in ProTools today. Very nice. Just wish that could have been a week ago, when my assignment wasn't two weeks late. Whatever.

I am beyond broke, and trying not to focus on it.

Called my dad over the break, and he filled me in on a bunch of cool audio stuff. It's nice to talk to him about his expertise, and actually know what he's getting at.

Rae had his first day at the new school today. He's a teaching assistant and computer IT dude. Seems to like it so far, I hope it continues that way.

Tomorrow he says he'll get to tutor some kids in math. My hope is that they don't put him entirely on IT problems, that they really allow him to teach. That's why he signed on, anyway.

Southby was fun, but I'm glad it's over, because I can stop feeling guilty about not fully using my expensive badge.

My editing project received a B, it was late.

In audio, a quiz I thought I semi-bombed received a 95.

My message for today: You're doing much better than you imagine! Now get back to it!

11:30 pm - Monday, Mar. 23, 2015


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