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"Some advice to aspiring editors: learn every program in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Open up Final Cut X. “Find” a copy of Nuke online and start to teach yourself that insanity. Become the fastest keyboard wrangler the coked-up associate creative director in the room with you has ever seen. All of these are brilliant ideas that will only help you as you move forward."

- more editing advice from somewhere online

That's a bit daunting, no? And yet, exciting. So much to learn! So much to need to know at the drop of a hat!

Okay, I just checked out the Creative Cloud. There are 29 different applications to learn, and not all of them look relevant to editing. Woah.

-Premiere Pro
-After Effects - special fx
-Adobe Muse
-Flash Professional
-Acrobat Pro DC
-Audition - audio recording and editing
-Edge Animate
-Edge Code
-Edge Inspect
-Edge Reflow
-Flash Builder
-Adobe Media Encoder
-Speedgrade - film finishing/color grading
-StoryPlus - screenwriting
-PhoneGap Build
-Prelude Live Logger
-Gaming SDK
-Extension Manager
-ExtendScript Toolkit

4:47 pm - Monday, May. 04, 2015


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