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It's high time I get back to work.

Less Hannah Hart watching, more making my own dreams come true.

Author OUT!

Lots of money, school, and work problems. But I haven't the time to muss around with explaining them all now.

R came over tonight for awhile, which was nice. I tried to feed him, but he wasn't hungry. We had some fun in bed, though!

I miss his dang face! Gah!

I have a list of the groceries I have left in my house. It's becoming smaller everyday. I get paid on the 15th...

And I work tomorrow, at the grocery delivery job.

Today was my going away party at my work study non-profit job, and they took me out to LaMad, the "country french cafe," haha. It was delicious, and free. Smiles galore!

1:18 am - Thursday, May. 14, 2015


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