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culture of dickheadedness

I just wrote the sentence, "Indicate respectful dissent." Surely I'm an adult now.

I can't seem to stop thinking aloud while pacing in my home about this professor. I MUST get off of my opinion train. Enough with this! It's over! The class is OVER!

Still, the culture of dickheadedness remains.

I was on FB today looking at a video editing group where editors the world over collaborate on techniques, advice, etc. An editor of import posted an email from his friend, another editor, along with a photo of a workstation propped up on cardboard boxes. (If you're unfamiliar, standing desks and treadmill desks are becoming a thing in the world of people who spend their workday sitting, and it is to their benefit, health-wise.)

So here's the email:

"This morning I came in feeling good about myself and decided to make my workstation into a standing one, image attached below. It was crude and a bit ugly but it did the job for the moment.

I show it to my co-worker (who is basically my superior) and he just goes 'That's stupid, what are you going to do when a client comes in? Don't be a fucking idiot.'

So that is how the custom standing desk dream came crumbling down."

This email makes me:


Okay, those are the feelings.

Editors are people, too! Shit.

8:02 pm - Wednesday, Dec. 09, 2015


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