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silica saturdays

I managed to eat the silicon packet in my seaweed today.

Trollololol! Apparently, the package is wrong: it won't kill you. It's mostly just a choking hazard.

This too shall pass.

Was upset at the R-man today because he didn't invite me to hang out with the neighbors. But when 6pm hit, and he knew I'd be leaving, he came in to say goodbye.

Eh? You come in just to say bye? How about hanging out together?

I mean, I know we have little in common, but we should at least TRY to have mutual friends.

I called him at 4am from the edit lab, wondering if I was having my last few breaths. That silica gel, man. Gives you a scare.

So, we're probably stuck together for awhile. Love, and all.

This song is incredibly popular right now, and it's damn catchy -- Kiiara's "Gold":

4:55 am - Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016


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