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more joy, and asking for what I want/need

In the lab again today, cutting together some experts from the film.

I think R and I are going to get into the vegan thing. He seems open to it.

Tomorrow I have orientation for the dog walking thing, but my film's director has asked me to come in, so I'm faking sick to cancel the orientation.

Today at the coffeeshop I asked for a bag. I also asked for a reschedule. So in two ways so far today have I asked for what I needed.

That's going to be a goal for this year: to ask for what I need and want. I think by writing down when I do these things, I will remind myself that I don't always neglect myself in this way. It's only sometimes, and everyone falls short sometimes.

I keep having the negative thoughts of slitting my throat and shooting my brains out. Just because it's a new year doesn't suddenly mean they're going away.

But I've tried focusing more on multitasking, and making a real effort to improve my environment (cleaning the house.)

Another of my goals this year: finish my Konmari tidy up.

If you're not familiar with Konmari, it's all the rage around the world. It's a Japanese thing, and a lady sold 3 million copies of her book on the subject. The key: discard anything that does not bring you joy.

7:03 pm - Tuesday, Jan. 03, 2017


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