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"i will judge you for owning a Prius" - mmkay, go for it!

My female roommate is a bit of a jerk, I'm finding. We'll call her K.

Something just occurred to me...

The other day, we were headed to the electronics store, and talking about different types of cars. Gas cars, electric, hybrids -- all of that.

She hates Priuses, and has said so before, because they're so slow to accelerate on the highway when merging.

Fair enough, no biggie.

I saw a Prius Prime while we were in the parking garage, and pointed out how cute it was. I hadn't read the make or model yet, I just liked the color.

When I realized it was a Prius, I joked about it, saying something like, "Ah, yes! I remember you hate those things! Hahaha!"

She then says, "Oh, I will judge you so hard if you get a Prius."

Let's dissect that a little.

Those are not the words of a friend.

She literally said that IF I chose to get a certain type of vehicle (which is my money, and my choice,) she would judge me "so hard."

As if I cared deeply what she thought of me. As if I SHOULD care deeply what she thought of me. As if I should walk on eggshells and watch my step, basically.

I said something relaxed and non-confrontational: "well, that's okay, you can judge me if you want. I don't mind. And they have good gas mileage, so it's possible."

It was neither a singsong-y nor a matter-of-fact tone...somewhere in between.

Now, let's take a look at my REAL friend, Lynn.

Lynn knows about R and I and Iago. I told her I was worried and embarrassed by her judgement.

And she said she would never judge me, she would never do something like that.

So we have here a new "friend," who is threatening to judge me, and an old one who is telling she will not judge me for something I myself judge me for.

The verdict is pretty obvious: don't hang out with your roommate.

12:36 am - Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018


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