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jimmy fallon - a hero

Tomorrow I'm going to see Jimmy Fallon live.

I fucking love Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon is everything a human being should be.

Some days, I can't believe my luck.

I'm a good person. It's going to work out.

Sometimes it's difficult to see this, but... it will be fine.

Sometimes I think about what the dead people in my family can see - everything, my life, my life choices.

My granddad, grandma, and now grandpa, too. Only my innocent grandmother can see nothing. Only she doesn't know I've been cheating for over a year.

People aren't designed for long distance relationships.

I'm not sure I'm designed to be single, either, which is basically what this is.

Seeing R every 3 or 5 months doesn't feel like a relationship, not really.

He really needs to move here. We need a dual income. I'm financially strapped.

And we match each other. We are for each other. He is so far.

But I had to come here. I had to move away. The mountains, the ocean, the city was calling.

I do not regret it. I've hurt him, even though he doesn't know it in this way. But I couldn't live in Texas. I couldn't stay there, and I always knew I never would.

No pain, no gain.

I wish he could see just how lovely this place is, and how much lovelier it would be with him in it.

He calms me down when I'm upset. We're good for each other. We 'fit.'

7:35 pm - Thursday, May. 02, 2019


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