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prodigious - talk show idea

Today I listened to a pianist on youtube who went on the Ellen show. She was initially there as a 5-year-old, a child prodigy pianist.

She came back at age 17, and again played on the show.

It gave me an idea:

A show for kids, and also maybe grownups, for people who had grown up and ditched the things they were prodigies at. A talk show.


"I was a child prodigy gymnast, and I performed for MANY years, but then I chose not to do that after all. Now I'm a nurse, and I love it, and here's why."

Over and over again, it would hammer home how you don't have to stick with what you did in elementary/middle/high school. It would say, "hey folks, you CAN indeed break away -- being a professional swimmer is in fact OPTIONAL, and you can be happy after you quit doing it."

There's such an ethos surrounding this NEVER QUIT, NEVER GIVE UP sort of attitude. A talk show like this would be refreshing to children and adults alike. Parents might not like it, but I'm not that concerned about the pushy parents of the world.

Perhaps the show could be more well-rounded - we could show people who now do their prodigy skill on the side, for a sidehustle or just for fun. Maybe even show some prodigys that still do their prodigy skill professionally (but we already see these people heralded in the media, so that would defeat the point.)

I don't often get interesting TV show ideas, so it's nice that this one popped in.

The idea hit when I was in my car, and I heard the Ellen video come on. I thought, "I know exactly what's going to happen. The child prodigy is now an adult, and will play piano again." What I would have preferred is something a bit more surprising... something about how sometimes she wonders if she wants to play piano at all, about how she has other passions, too, about the pressure she must feel to perform at such a high level.

It all can't be roses, and roses seem to be all we hear about, in these particular narratives. We get to thinking that their Insta is their real life.

In other news, I'm rewatching Angels In America. Happy Pride, y'all!

12:17 am - Saturday, Jun. 08, 2019


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