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my day, breathe deep young lass

Today I did some chores around the house, and am practicing anti anxiety techniques.

Student loans have me stressed out. I need to face them.

I'm also prepping for my first Post PA gig.

I'm going to take a walk in a bit, which other than actually facing the loans, and making sure my car is in top shape, and prepping for this PA gig, will be the most helpful.

Let's make a list of this:

- Face loans
- Prep for PA gig
- Take a walk
- Get new tire, and change oil if needed

Also - get a new keyboard and pay rent is up there, too.

I hope I can make time to go to the gym, too. And I need to do some budgetary stuff.

Hopefully the temple doesn't fire me of a sudden, when I give notice. I really, really need that income.

5:47 pm - Saturday, Jun. 29, 2019


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