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the P spot

Tried making vegan mac and cheese today with D the Doc!

We also watched the Wonder Woman 84 movie with R's HBO Go subscription.

Maybe if I break up with R I will be a calmer person in general. I wouldn't feel so guilty I guess. Even though we are on the up and up about being in an open relationship, I know he doesn't really want that.

But moving away from my roommate and landlord will help with the nervousness, too.

And getting another gig in my industry, and getting into a good financial place, etc.

2021 needs to be about me...and self improvement.


R comes in via plane in 3 hours.


While D the Doc was over, we tried some more new things!

The most notable? Prostate massage, which you do by penetrating the back door. We used gloves, a blindfold, and he was tied down. (Except at the end, when I let his hands go so he could stroke himself.)

He said that he had 8 orgasms (wow) and the last one produced cum. For a long time, I didn't touch his penis...but he was having orgasms then, it seems! Wild.

The last cum (which produced semen) was the best one, he said. I think he said it was the best o of his life?!

I'm glad we used a's better when you're trying a new thing and don't know how you'll react. You can sink into the pleasure and forget everything.

It took me awhile to find the prostate, actually. It feels kind of webby, like ligaments. Similar to the G Spot, it's the P Spot. Similarly, it's a bit of a "come here" motion.

It was so nice to give him that much pleasure. What turns him on then turns me on, too.

I found a new verbal hot button for us --

When he says "Z?" And I say, "Yes, D?" - it gets him horny. And me too, by default.

It's so sweet and submissive, I fucking love it!

He recently tried pegging with his dom, too. :)

I'd like to learn more about being aggressive / dominant with him. He likes it, and I'm just guessing my way through it. Being a dom takes some work! But it's fun, too...

It seems like there's the psychological torture dom, and the physical torture dom.

What an adventure!

Time to remove the handcuffs and bondage tie up gear from my bed to avoid a weird convo with R.

5:21 pm - Friday, Dec. 25, 2020


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