backyard crowing


ecstatic dancing in Venice

At the most recent "enneagram" meetup, it was really just four of the group doing ecstatic dancing.

One of the people suggested that in my work, I should use my downtime to further my career in the direction I want to go.

Use the time to get your next job, to network, and to learn things for your next job.



The reason why my breakup with Nick was a little harder:

It's the first exclusive relationship I've had since R, the really big breakup.

That's why it's been a bit harder than I imagined.


I'm feeling pretty alright today. Maybe the ecstatic dancing is partly why.



Met ANOTHER guy named Nick on Saturday night at a local wine bar.

I went up to him and told him he was cute.

We exchanged instagram handles.

He is nice, but reading in between the lines, he doesn't seem that interested.

He was very chubby, so I thought maybe I'd have a better chance.

Oh, well!

When I approached him, he said, "what, ME?!"

He said no woman had ever hit on him at a bar.

It was pretty much my first time doing that, too. For that, I can be proud!

3:00 pm - Monday, Apr. 11, 2022


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