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things I'm proud of #serotonin

What am I proud of, lately?

1. I killed a spider I was nervous about. Seriously.

2. I was a ventee to my post coord, who needed to vent.

3. I took great care of a dog last weekend.

4. I put mod podge on a puzzle I completed -- finally!

5. I now have kind of a cool "finstagram" for how I really feel about stuff.

6. I got my shit together and will be getting a driver's license, probably tomorrow!

7. I have an automatic email sending out tomorrow at 8am. For time cards. Pretty dope.

8. I have made a bunch of fun plans this week, for my birthday week.

9. I am about to do some laundry.

10. Maybe I'll even take a walk while it launders!

9:37 pm - Tuesday, May. 24, 2022


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