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I was having a terrible time yesterday, and today is Day 1 of my cycle. WOoOoO PMDD!

At least, I'm guessing that's what I have.

I went to a depression and bipolar support group on zoom and cried out some of my stuff.

They helped me reframe the thing I was crying over -

1. No one can tell you how you feel. Only you can tell how you feel. So if you are feeling love for someone? That's love. No one has the right to argue with you, or to tell you you're not feeling that.

2. People at the end of long term relationships know just how to push your buttons. They know how to get in your head.

3. What that guy said just wasn't true. Totally inaccurate.

4. Isn't this line from some movie? (EDIT: it's from several, according to the internet.)

5. He may have been trying to find fault with me, to rationalize the ending of the relationship. Basically, he often tried to make me the bad guy, and this could just be part of that.

6. An 8-10 year relationship could never really be you loving the idea of someone. That's real love, there.

3:44 pm - Friday, May. 27, 2022


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